Saturday, 19 May 2012

buon gusto

during the numbness of the first few minutes they were there-- making calls, analysing, hooking their arms through mine..

just having them beside me, not necessarily engaging me in conversation.. just having them nibble dried persimmons in the background while i rehashed the case with the constable over and over and over again helped.

they marvelled at how calm i was in the police station but then i already had ample experience from crashing cars in Malaysia. i can only remain so collected because they were nearby, away from the assessments due on Monday that are yet to be written.

it wasn't the most awesome day, but maybe God wanted to remind me about my beautiful friends. and that there is no such thing as a 'safe place'.

no use crying over split milk. 

thanks S (again) and Kawei. don't know what i'll do with you guys. 

((to the m*********** who did this to me, i hope you get your fingernails pulled out one by excruciating one

i miss you, but at least i have something to remember you by

i spent the morning playing with Threat Letter

lunch yesterday with Christina and Ray at Buon Gusto, the most delightful little family-run Italian restaurant..

.. where Coke is served in wine glasses

looking at these makes me feel better.. and also thinking about how hard we laughed over dinner yesterday-- N, R and i at Arisun, talking crap

tomorrow is another day!

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