Sunday, 27 May 2012

epic conversations

today i had 2 eye-opening conversations.

there i was, innocently buying fruits at Paddys Market with s and da xi (s' housemate), when r called.

r: are you playing outside?

me: nope, i'm writing my assignments.

r: then why are you not in uni?

me: because i'm writing it at home.

r: liar, you're not at home! i can tell just by the background noise!

me: well, i'm not at home now. i'm buying groceries at Paddys'.

r: why?

me: what do you mean, why? because i ran out of fruits and veggies, duh.

r: have you finished your assignments?

me: no.. ((timidly

r: .. and you're out buying veggies ((stern

me: yes.. it's as important as assignments, you know
(at this point i really wanted to bring up the word 'constipation' but exercised self-control!)

r: no, one does not eat until one has finished assignments.

omg!!! i think i need to print this in ALL CAPS, bold, italics, underlined, the lot!

is this the difference between guys and girls?! every chick i know must have nibbles beside their laptops when typing reports! maybe this is why he's so skinny.

anyway i felt guilty enough to hurriedly wrap up my shopping, bid S goodbye, and dash home.

5 minutes after reaching home, my phone rang again. this time it was S.

me: yes? ((we saw each other 10 minutes ago!

s: i forgot to ask, who were you speaking to on the phone just now?

me: WHAAT?!!! u called just to ask me this?!!!

s: yes

me: haha omg looks like u are really curious.

s: yes i am, tell me!!

me: it's R.

s: ooh.. 

me: cut that tone!

after 5 more minutes of pointless, girly conversation..

s: brr, i'm cold!

me: huh?

s: i was changing my clothes when i remembered that question, and i needed to know right now so i called you before i put on my shirt.

gosh, woman, looks like you really, really wanted to know. right then and there.

happy birthday to the crazy woman!

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