Thursday, 10 May 2012

love rain

i'm sorry but i must must MUST must must gush about love rain!

honestly i was 102% disinterested in it because the storyline was so cliche and bland!

separated lovers' offspring fall in love?! are you serious?!

but then one of the bloggers i follow was practically drowning in the drama.. another one followed.. my brother (!) was next.. ok my curiosity was piqued and i Googled it-- apparently it is a collaboration between some of the top talent within the k-drama industry.

for a k-pop fan like me, not watching it would be practically a sin. it's part of my education. honestly if i don't watch k-dramas, i wouldn't have much inspiration in life. not sure if it's just me but i plan my meals, clothes and to a lesser extent, leisure activities, around what i've been watching.

at first i started watching it because of the vintage feel-- i don't know how the colours look both saturated yet muted at the same time!

i swear, after every. single. clothes. change. i trawled GMarket to find similar items! so far haven't actually bought anything, but omg the outfits are just so well put together!

it helps that YoonA is very pretty as well ;pp

the entire concept of her character is just my veggie! if i were a guy, this would be the kinda gal who could drive me crazy! the long straight hair, modest clothing, cultured dignity.. plus the fact that she keeps a journal!!! i must start one too ((makes notes

anyway it is a must-watch! cinematography is just.. ravishing. compared with the Japanese episodes i prefer the old-school ones, with that nostalgic faded wash. the sharp brightness of the modern episodes feel very harsh in comparison with the shy quietness of the first few episodes. 

i like straightforward love stories the best. 

love rain is kinda like in time with you, but more artistic. not sure why but i was moved to tears when 徐河 told Kim Yuni that his view had always been her.. that the view was very beautiful and had touched him.. simple yet poignant! i much, much prefer JGS as 徐河 to the son role.

anyway go watch it like now!

.. while i loop this song <3

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