Saturday, 12 May 2012


last night i spent 6 hours on trains-- 3 hours each way to Newcastle and back.

while waiting for Jazz, i wandered over to the harbour near Crowne Plaza, steps away from Civic Railway Station.

it's like Darling Harbour but much quieter. as much as i love the city, escaping it once in awhile is very refreshing.

lots of people freak at the thought of 3-hour train rides but confession-- i kinda enjoy them. sometimes there are beautiful views along the way. and if there's enough space you can cuddle up with warm clothing, magazines, iPad and snacks.

due to a glitch in the system i ended up at Seasalt, an exquisite restaurant in Crowne Plaza.

i think the harbour is just a perfect date place. there were some old couples holding hands and strolling. and old couples having dinner dates in the lovely restaurant.

((steers discussion to love rain. am at episode 10 now, and i must say i much prefer 仁河 and Yuni's love story compared to Jun's and Hena's. it says a lot, this preference of watching an old pair of lovers in comparison to Jang Geun Seuk!

anyway because i was only looking for toilet and a warm place to sit, i ordered a pasta entree(a$19) instead of a main.

it's seafood with angel hair in one of those olive-oil-based sauces. the seafood was fresh and succulent (thumbs up even from a non-seafood-lover like me!) and the asparagus and vegetable was well done. my only gripe was the overcooked angel hair-- soggy and bland.

bread was normal. really, so far the best bread i'd ever had was at Sage at MidValley! if my friends visit me i'll definitely recommend it!

i know it's super Asian but i couldn't stop snapping photos! because the ambience was just +++!!! there was a guy strumming a guitar and singing in the background too!

dessert was chocolate tart with pulled sugar! i couldn't eat the sugar but it looks quite magnifique. non?

going to a fashion show at fashion weekend later *^-^*

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