Friday, 29 June 2012

american dream- san francisco day 1

after a gruelling 14-hour flight which left zits all over my face (worst case in a decade), we finally arrived in the land of dreams- america!

United Airways fed us enough though the flight attendants are a bit old. and fierce.

because i'm typing this as Sophy sleeps in the next bed, here are just some photos. a bit too jet-lagged to fully appreciate that my lifelong dream has just been realised.

san fran is very hilly. i found it charming, new friend Peng says it reminds him of his hometown, a rural village named Wuzhou in China. =.=

and everywhere there are buildings with external fire escapes ala Friends!

this is Sophy. (wow i'm such a good photographer!)

after checking into the Hotel Carlton, we set out to visit the nearest drugstore so i could buy body lotion.

most of the items are locked up. looks like SF is really not as safe as Sydney.

things in USA is truly cheaper! on the duty free shopping on the flight, i wanted to buy 2 jars of Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner for US$40 but my debit card was declined :'(

not sure if i'll have any time to shop as all of us are new to SF and are keen to visit the sights first and foremost.

anyway here's our lovely room in the semi-atas hotel.

haha compare all my drugstore buys to Sophy's department store version.

a walk-in closet for our luggage.

lastly, this is the bedroom. ok jetlag kicking in. good night!

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