Wednesday, 13 June 2012

american visa interview

this morning i woke at 6.15am for my visa interview at 8am.

i ran a bit late as i was obsessed with making sure i looked perfect for the interview.. plus i thought there wouldn't be too many people at the consulate as i had selected the first interview slot.

i was wrong.

there were so many people at the consulate i was still in the queue at 8.15am!

the upside is that even if you're late, the good people at the consulate understand that it's due to their crazily stringent security measures and let you take your interview anyway.

in my fantasy the interview would take place in an interrogation room (as per Hollywood movies).. reality is, as usual, vastly different.

after the security check where you're made to strip down to the bare basics, you bring your thick document file to a reception where they confirm that your photo is recent and that you have paid us$160 for your tourist visa ((wallet bleeding

then you wait to be directed up to another office upstairs, where our passports and appointment confirmations are checked one-by-one.. and we are let into the office. one. by. one.

finally in the office, more waiting to get fingerprints scanned.

then waited some more for my turn to be interviewed. thank goodness they had some magazines at the waiting area, if not i think i would just kill myself from nervousness! (because i had already paid for the USA trip)

finally i was called to the interview, which was conducted standing up and through a glass wall
!!! with the interviewer speaking using a portable microphone ((faints

and the thick stack of documents i brought? -- including the original birth certificate DHL-ed from KL at the beautiful price of RM89-- he didn't even want to hear about them!

interviewer: what are you going to america for?

me: an exchange program, i have a letter from my professor, do you wanna see it?

him: no! just tell me. do you have money to fund your trip?

me: yes, do you wanna see my statements?

him: no! just tell me. how much money do you have in your account?

.. the entire interview took all of 5 minutes ((rolls eyes

what does this have to do with the Quiksilver bag?

on the way home i popped into Roxy to check out a sale, and found one of the cardigan of my dreams!

this white knit from love rain ((heart heart!

i think she wore it and had a midnight date in springtime with 仁河 *^-^* now i have the cardigan, all that's left is to find my 仁河 by springtime, and my life is set haha

mine is not as baggy but i love it. plus it was half price! and the buttons are sewn tightly-- always a sign of quality.

so.. end of story. i will get my passport back next week and can start preparing for usa :DD

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