Saturday, 23 June 2012


for awhile now i feel like i've been running a marathon.

work, class and assignments on my days off.

finally i got my first real day of rest today :DD though now that finals are over i have to get straight into my WORK unit to be done in USA.

my assigned group for this subject is all-Caucasian girls. so i have to work doubly hard to ensure i don't embarrass Asians. i don't want them to feel about me the way i feel about some 'AAA' grade people.

am excited about USA but can't help wishing i could stop and breathe for a bit.

today S bought me dinner at Masuya 'because i was going to USA'. initially i thought it was because she was worried i might be cannibalised there ((shudders

 sekali she said, 'buy me a nice souvenir' haha!

Masuya is near Wynyard, on a very quiet street off Hunter Street.

S sent me some reviews of the restaurant this morning and apparently they're famous for their Sapporo Hot Pot with seafood and soy milk. also their sashimi was supposed to be very fresh, so we ordered a piece each at $3 per piece (haha, the life of a poor uni student!)

i found it quite firm and fresh but S says it could be sweeter. not enough of a foodie to comment, but it was definitely fresher than what i had at Fish Market.

lots of eye-rolling from S while i was taking this shot but i have a thing for these traditional types of pots. the food is cooked for 15 minutes on the table.

obvi, we had eaten before S remembered we haven't taken any photos!

there was a crab, fish balls (atas succulent ones), chicken, scallops, salmon pieces and vegetables in a rich seafood broth.

it was very, very delicious. a pot is enough to serve 2-3. i can vouch for everything except the crab (as i am allergic to crabs sometimes). the chicken was tender.. really, this is just perfection in a meal. and quite reasonably-priced at $45.

on the way home we came across dumplings being sold at Meet Fresh and decided to buy one each to celebrate 端午节,though both of us are stuffed to the brim from Masuya.

had a good talk with S, a bit too soul-baring for my liking, really. silly because the person baring her heart was me ((rolls eyes.

gotta work harder to become a better person!


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