Sunday, 3 June 2012


haha finally dragged my sorry ass off my study floor and went exploring in sydney! (in a non-restaurant setting. i have been to plenty of eateries here 囧)

today i woke bright and early to go to a temple in Canley Valley (hope i got the name right!) actually i was so early that i had time for a bit of love rain, which is getting tedious..

however i keep watching it because it's quite poignant what time does to a person--

(now i should be slightly past this stage.. )

30 years later she turned into a bitter, crazy, manipulative alcoholic. 

it's kinda sad, really. now i can say, marrying rich is not a priority. i can make my own money, take care of myself and my family, do my parents proud.

but what would i be like 30 years down the road? would i still have such conviction in being able to lead the life i want based on my own efforts? because everybody around me is hoping to marry into wealth.

.. got sidetracked again!!

anyway i watched love rain until precisely 10am, when i set out for the train station.

then my umbrella broke.

no time to turn back and grab my other, less broken umbrella. so i called R and asked to borrow his as i would pass by his apartment on the way to the station.

we were so late we had to run when we reached the station. i swear, i'm so bloody unfit it's not even funny. i lost my hair band and sweated and regretted waiting until the last nanosecond to set out. and not exercising more.

i'm not the best in a temple, thank goodness for R who counted out joss sticks and Ivan and D who briefed me on protocols.

after prayers at the temple we hopped on the train to Cabramatta, which is the biggest city in West Sydney and a Little Vietnam. much like Springvale in Melbourne. apparently this area was designed to contain all the refugees from the Vietnam War and now it's full of Viets who speak Vietnamese to us. 

in Sydney people speak their own language to you a lot. in Korean marts they spew Korean at me, in Cabramatta it's Vietnamese, in Chinese restaurants Chinese, in Hong Kong restaurants Cantonese.

we had a delicious lunch--

beef pho

only took a photo because the boys were hungry (should i call them 'boys'? they're both older than me)

i'm starting to wonder if i have a sour expression on my face on autopilot when i eat, because R always asks me if i have no appetite and today Ivan asked the same. but then again it might be a Taiwanese politeness thing. (Taiwanese people are so polite, it's a bit hard for me to read between the lines sometimes.)

but looking at these photos now, i wanna hop on the next train for 45 minutes just to eat this again! didn't feel too thirsty afterwards so MSG should be limited.

after lunch we crossed the street to Oishi Cafe for Vietnamese/Thai dessert. Ivan has worked as a tour guide before and what can i say? he's a total pro! R and i shared a glass of something like ais kacang, where we picked the ingredients and they serve it with coconut milk, gula melaka and shaved ice.

that was yummy too, though a bit on the sweet side.

our next stop was to buy sugar cane-orange juice beverages. at this point Daphnie and i thought we were gonna explode from all the food but the hats off to the guys! and who knew sugar cane juice would go so well with OJ?! people in Malaysia, go try it! this bloody drink cost a$3.50 for a regular cup!

after a bit of shopping (cabbage, mangosteens (!), brooms(?!). Want Want rice crackers, PappaRoti aka Rotiboys which cost a$2.50 per bun), we bought 2 baguettes to be shared on the train ride home. honestly i'm just shocked at the sheer volume of food involved in this trip!

R, I, D at Cabramatta railway station

the lovely couple :))

i love this shot by D! the moving train provides awesome contrast!

can't wait to do this again!

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