Tuesday, 26 June 2012

chocolate peanut butter cheesecake

obviously i botched up again ((weeps

admittedly it was my bad because i was so exhausted by the time i was processing the cake i didn't care that there was a lump of cream cheese in the mix and bunged the bloody thing into the oven.

and then i couldn't wait for it to cool completely and shoved it into the fridge so i could go to bed.

obvi, it was a bad idea.

not sure why but i keep burning the tops of my cakes whereas the middle's still a bit too soft.

taste-wise i liked it (like liquid peanut butter) but S deemed it too sour.

my colleagues liked it, but then they were crazy about the chocolate peanut butter cookies i baked (i have a thing for chocolate + pb) so.. their tastebuds might be weird haha.

this is what it's supposed to look like ((commits suicide

original recipe from Nigella here

i substituted the peanuts for walnuts because i couldn't find any peanuts.


leaving for USA in a couple of days and i'm nursing a sore throat! :'(

don't think i can work tomorrow and dread telling my senior i need to take leave again


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