Thursday, 14 June 2012

last night

due to unique circumstances that can only happen in my life, i ended up carrying my duvet and running out of my home in my PJs at 2 am.

i honestly had no idea where to hail a cab at this hour, but thankfully there were 2 idling in front of ABC.

the nanosecond i slid onto the seats, i could practically see all the antennas pricking up all over the cabbie, who sneaked peeks at me through the rearview mirror. 

his ears almost twitched as i rung D and told her i was on my way. when he realised i wasn't going to share my sob story with him, he asked, with measured nonchalance..





normal people don't move by carrying a single duvet and wandering the wet streets of Sydney at 2am on a winter night. in PJs and sandals. but kudos to him for guts (he was probably trying to gauge if i was nuts.) it rhymes! haha

i told him the boring truth and he slumped. though he did give me a 20cents discount haha. probably reckoned i was lying and had actually found my boyfriend in bed with another woman or something.

now i am forever indebted to Dai Dai, Ivan.. and all the beautiful people i met here! don't know what's wrong with me this semester but i'm practically surviving on the kindness of others.

i wish i were more articulate so i could express my gratitude better. one day when i become successful and rich i'll repay you guys a billion times over!

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