Sunday, 24 June 2012

miss chu

one of my fave bits about Sydney is the many artisan eateries dotted around the city, where i live (albeit in a living room)-- speaking of living rooms, i have also taken over my home's dining room, which has turned into my second study.

after reading about Miss Chu on The Unbearable Lightness and realising how accessible it was, i planned Tomomi's welcome-back dinner there. 

Hanoi Vegetarian Deep Fried Spring Rolls, $6

Cyan did the ordering so we had too much, as usual. haha

i had high expectations for this place due to Lee's post on Unbearable and it was quite good for me but i wouldn't recommend this place too highly to my friends because it's not mainstream and safe enough.

Satay Chicken Warm Vermicelli Salad, $13

we were so used to pho that we asked the waiter if it's supposed to be so dry. sekali the sauce was at the bottom and once you mix everything, it's quite delicious! chicken was a bit too dry but then i'm more of a carb person so i was more intent on devouring the vermicelli.

i think the difference between Sydney and Melbourne is that Sydney has more Malaysians who have settled down here and integrated our culture into the lives of Sydney-siders; whereas Melbourne has more Malaysian students. Laksa and satay are 2 foods commonly found here, popular with angmos and Asians alike.

i've even tried satay soup, which was.. quite yummy. (well, my mum didn't cook much, so i can be quite easy to please food-wise). but essentially it's just bottled satay sauce + water.

Steamed Rice and Greens with Satay Chicken, $13

i don't think i've seen red rice since junior high! this dish wasn't for me as i don't like rice particularly.

Vegetarian Fried Net Spring Roll Salad, $13

Egg Omelet, Avocado and Balsamic Caramelised Onion Fresh Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls, $7.50 for 2

the rice paper rolls were a bit too sticky and hard for my liking, though the taste was mm~ (i hate food which calls for ugly eating, which is why i never eat kebabs or large burgers in public)

love the design of the tuckshop :)

was good to see the beautiful Tomomi again. the only good thing about my previous household was the people!

((sigh. my Sunday is drawing to an end and i have to continue my readings.

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