Monday, 11 June 2012

rainy season

i forgot to add this video in to the Vivid post. very de-stressing to scream out loud!

the higher your pitch/louder your voice, the higher the boards flip.

i used to be quite shrill but as i age (?) my voice becomes lower. 

i've probably whined about this before, but juggling part-time work and full-time study is more challenging than i expected. 

i mean, i'm actually getting white hair now-- not just one, but a few at the same time!

so i was 102% ready to scream when i saw the opportunity.

thankfully there was another brief respite from work/study-- ivan & daphnie's housewarming party!

the lovebirds, who have been together for 5 years (unthinkable!) finally rented an apartment all for themselves.

baked a honey chocolate cake.. very apt for the occasion, no?

the hosts were gracious and organised, even writing our names on plastic cups and bowls so we don't end up playing the 'hmm-which-cup-is-mine' game.

felt a bit guilty remembering how my guests had to eat out of tupperwares and bring their own disposable cutlery when they came to my place.

everybody brought a dish and the table was already groaning under the weight of all the delicious food before the last guest arrived!

my fave would have to be Ivan's hot pot (or, in Malaysian terms, steamboat). in fact i loved it so much i invited myself to their home the next day for the leftovers.

they even had cute disposable chopsticks with a toothpick inside. i think they bought these from Daiso, a Japanese mart in Chatswood. gotta give it to the Japs for being #1 in thoughtfulness.

Christina made salted crispy chicken (盐酥鸡). she gave face to Daph and dressed up. every time she makes an effort she ends up looking stunning. i remember Eugene telling me this is his ideal girl type-- usually bare-faced and low-key but a knockout when she wants to be.

haha but sometimes when i don't wear makeup and go out, i'm shocked by my reflection in public toilet mirrors, like 'i can't find my eyes!!!'

rudy took these. 

after everybody was stuffed up to our throats, we had the most intense game of Uno Stacko i have ever played before in my life! (ok, so i have only ever played it 3 times in all my life, but..)

see the FIRE in Christina's eyes!! ((burning

the funny thing is how we were playing this as a drinking game, where the guys were paired with a girl so there would be somebody to imbibe alcohol if they lost.

and when Rudy helped Christina drink i was cheering, 'wow! 英雄救美!’ but Christina brought me back to reality with a 'yeah it looks very romantic now, but when he starts throwing up when he gets home, i'm the one who has to clean it up.'

ooh the harsh reality of being in a 8-year relationship!

sometimes i get starry-eyed and i get away with it because i'm the youngest in the group, but i really hope i exit this phase soon ((rolls eyes.

at the end of the night i had lost half the rounds of Uno and had drank enough to buzz a bit xD because i was in a group by myself keke. everybody automatically assumed R would be my black knight because we spend so much time together but.. he's R, and i needed some alcohol in me.

i loved my best friend's (& everybody else's) indignant reactions. recently people have been nothing but kind to me *grateful* 

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