Saturday, 9 June 2012

vivid sydney

what i won at work..

on thursday we had teambuilding activities which had us all running around the Royal Botanic Gardens for an hour. wahseh i haven't ran so hard since high school's PE exams! yep, not even to catch the train last Sunday.

(and at night i ran with Jaz to Central station again! why all the sudden running?!)

last night we went to Vivid Sydney, which is a series of 3D projections on iconic buildings in Sydney, paired with music. this is Customs House, where i go sometimes during lunch to read and/or nap.

it's on every night at 6pm until midnight, and runs through to 11 June.

they did a great job but really slow art is for people who are warm, full and free. we were hungry and cold thus could not fully appreciate the meaning (?) behind the instalments with slooow movements.

we were like, 'just do something, already!'

gosh i sound so vulgar but i was quite impatient as i was watching this particular screening.

the only person who had the patience to check out everything was R ((because he had a meat box for lunch and i had.. a half tub of yogurt?

i kinda lost appetite for the other half when i realised what was happening before my very eyes!-- i am turning yet another guy into my brother!!! nooo!!! i must walk out from this curse!!!


anyway it was a bit of a walk.. about 3 hours to cover everything

isn't this just stunning?! it looks just like the Night effects from some of the iPhone photography apps!

the chandelier from la traviata! :))

i need a new bag. everybody is forever asking why i carry a shopping bag with me constantly.

lastly.. haha! the magic item that kept me from freezing over last night! white scarf! it's actually a 围脖 instead of a 围巾, like a collar scarf and is great for pairing with my summer clothes which are more low-cut. i also love the fluffy balls, though they don't go with my general look at all. have started shaving my hair myself. sometimes my hands slip and i lose more long hair but gosh my hair is just so thick i reckon it's gonna grow back fast!

i'm not sure if it's just me who wears summer clothes all year round and add layers to stay warm. my Taiwanese friends have seasonal closets and usually wear 2-3 layers, when i have a minimum requirement of 3-4 layers. but when i put on my coat finally i can hardly bend my arms =.=

end of procrastination. back to assignments.

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