Tuesday, 12 June 2012


i went to the hairdresser again. because my hair was so tangled it wasn't even funny.

and because N said my shaved patch is getting larger and larger. haha admittedly my hand does slip sometimes when i'm shaving my own hair. 

sekali my stylist said my hair's so tangled due to dryness not thickness. and also that i did a good job shaving my own hair *proud*

so now i have to start using leave-in treatment :(( and get S to help with shaving sometimes.

haha so glad am over my phase of not letting people see me from the side.

other fun, non-academic *guilty* things i did on the Queen's Birthday--

it really was simpler than frying eggs!

and tastes amazing fresh out of the oven!

after it gets cold i felt it was a tad too sweet and soggy/floury but i finished almost half of it in 2 days!

the rest i quickly gave away to Christina when i went to her place just now to grab some printouts for my US visa interview in 9 hours' time ((sweats

if not i would just devour everything!

one thing i noticed about cakes i bake is that they invariably end up slightly burnt.. and i love it!!! i must be crazy but there's something addictive about the crispiness of the edges, almost cookie-like!

recently everybody has been so kind to me, i'm almost afraid.

my housemates keep stuffing me-- soup and watermelon!

i think they're aghast at how much instant noodles i eat xD

and Christina saved my skin by helping me print some documents for my interview tomorrow at 10pm! plus having Rudy pass me a 暖暖包 (hand warmer?) to keep me warm on the walk home ((eyes brim over

S bought me a case just because it was beautiful and cheap hehe. we had dinner together tonight, something we haven't done alone in a long time (sounds a bit wrong hmm)

and not forgetting Daph and Ivan who kindly had me over for dinner a couple of nights ago and helped with my printing and graphics editing for assessment.

i'm just grateful *^-^*

talked to my parents yesterday and dad even got mum to tell me he misses me (another highlight of my life, haha!)

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