Monday, 9 July 2012


so here i am in the last stop of my USA tour, in the windy city of Chicago.

met Victoria for presentation discussion in the morning but ended up enjoying a hearty breakfast with good coffee at a popular egg-themed restaurant near the lovely hotel where we're staying, chatting about everything but the presentation haha

she's a very young-looking 41-year-old ex-cabin-crew with white blonde hair (ooh~) and clear blue eyes. and she's funny, funny, funny. she and Lauren (a very beautiful and opinionated Southern belle) are my experienced group mates, so i have a lot of catching up to do, being the youngest with no experience in HR.

we had a 2-hour tour in a minibus, mostly 5-minute stops for photo ops. the narration was excellent so we can get an idea of where to go on our only free day tomorrow but i already have plans to call Kit Hall at Deluxe Tattoos to see if she has any time for me.

Chicago has pretty good weather now that the heat wave has passed. it's a huge city of skyscrapers and heaps of African-Americans but quite few Asians.

this is my new bro P papping Sally's butt ((翻桌。




有没有听过 so close yet so far away? 姐姐心领呀!(结果今天用自称‘姐姐’被比我长辈 1 岁的 Joe 教训,哈哈)


we took an Architecture tour with Shoreline which was pretty cool, though we had to cook under the sun in the 3.30pm heat for an hour. it actually felt kinda nice but my skin's not feeling so good right now. gonna be so brown ugh.

afterwards Soph and i walked around Navy Pier, which has an amusement park. i was starving so we had dinner at.. McDonalds haha! Ranch BLT and Rolo McFlurry, all-American goodness hehe. Soph was apprehensive and asked why i was pissed. apparently i look angry when i'm hungry. 

there's a small amusement park with a Ferris Wheel, a Giant Swing and a carousel at the pier.

on the way back to the hotel we stopped by a park.

a couple of Polaroids to wrap things up :DD

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