Tuesday, 10 July 2012

palace of fine arts

breakfast at Mel's Diner, a very American diner around the corner from Carlton. complete with bad coffee and all. (i think free refills in USA is so prevalent because the coffee is usually not good enough to inspire them).

one thing i hate about USA is the tax and the tipping. sometimes i panic and tip too much.

and i wonder how come the service is not better when these people know they rely on tips for the bulk of their income((白眼.

after breakfast we took a cab to the Palace of Fine Arts, which is just gorgeous. (cab-taking is an indulgence to me, but my travel mates are all very atas.)

here's a row of lovely houses right opposite the Palace.

it's actually just like a park, in my opinion.

yep this is san fran summer.

here's how huge the Palace is.

we also entered the Exploratorium, which is located on Palace grounds. it's actually a Science Museum which i usually do not have a penchant for, but this one seemed cool.

especially loved the Social section, where it's proven that despite our sophistication in science, most human beings are still slaves to our emotions.

the Exploratorium builds their interactive displays in-house, which just adds bonus points to them!

Soph watched a cow-eye dissection, but that was too scientific for me. ugh.

afterwards i forced Soph to walk to the Walt Disney Family Museum, about half an hour away. haha! i didn't grow up cabbing it everywhere! our legs nearly broke because we'd been walking nonstop for the past few days but at least we saved some dough :))

Walt Disney's daughter opened this museum chronicling the life of her father.

it was interesting, but, like the Exploratorium, you won't die if you miss it.

did buy some beautiful postcards at the gift shop though.

one of the best parts was the magic show included in the ticket. Robert Strong had performed for 2 USA Presidents, so that's some QC right there!

i video-ed a segment where things went a bit awry haha, but the rest was just stupefying awesome!

 after the museum tour we cabbed it to Union Square, the central shopping district of San Fran.

takeaway scrumptious cheesecake and pasta from The Cheesecake Factory, which apparently one should know of if one watches big bang theory (i don't).

we actually tried to get a table here the day before but it was madly crowded. extremely busy today as well, so we opted for takeaway.

there's a bar, an indoors restaurant and an outdoor area overlooking all the major names in American retail (all of which i visited *^-^*)

here's the fog rolling into Union Square.

saks fifth avenue!

clinique here is 1/3 of clinique in Australia!

Tiffany & Co., which is always closed!

i was taking this photo of the cafe area when a Westerner suddenly posed for me haha!

red velvet cheesecake. mm~

the portions are huge, even by American standards. one serve of pasta could easily feed 3 people. but it was absolutely decadent, though i didn't like my pasta compared to Soph's. we had too much food and ended up calling P to come join us. and even then we couldn't finish it.

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