Thursday, 12 July 2012

sin city- las vegas xD

haven't been on such a mini plane for a long time.. maybe 12 years?

however these old-fashioned planes actually have bigger seats thus are more comfy.

slept on it peacefully on the flight from San Fran to Las Vegas.

here's what greeted us as we got off from the plane haha

slot machines!

and then we embarked on our giant of a limo, complete with a pole and TV.

here's my professor xDD

my group mate Victoria, who gets hit on more than me despite being almost 20 years older and married 囧

she's just funny and engaging, i love her!

after a short ride we arrived at the Monte Carlo Casino and Resort.

while waiting for check-in, saw this poster for Jabbawockeez, which we were booked in to watch the next day.

after freshening up and a modest (by Asian standards) lunch at Big Belly Buffet, we wandered around the casino as there was no way in hell we were gonna go out into the 40+ degree Celsius desert heat. one funny thing i noted during lunch is how incredibly restrained the Westerners were. they don't go completely crazy and pile everything in sight on their plates like me and everybody else in Malaysia haha.

after losing $1 at a slot machine (one can never win sh*t there, go to the tables instead), we went up to rest so we can be ready for nighttime Vegas ;pp

this is the best dress ever! bought from at a bargain and everybody loves it!

but oh my gosh my face! must get plastic surgery or something.

we met up for a quick, overpriced dinner at the food court then drinks at Diablo's Cantina.

because i suck at consuming alcohol, i had to duck out and rest after every few sips (zomg even i beh tahan myself!) Vegas was coming alive as i did that.

finally i gave up on my margarita and we wandered over to Bellagio to watch the fountain show.

our crappy resort. service is just non-existent. whatever you want, their autopilot response is 'sorry we don't provide that service.' even for basic stuff like hot drinking water. (instead of kettles, hotels in USA provide coffee makers instead).

ok lah, the exterior of our resort is actually pretty cool.

it's too dark to see, but Soph and i were kissing adorable Sally, whose cutesy looks belie a super feminist personality.

this water show was featured in the Japanese Meteor Shower, though how they got Vegas to empty for that scene is beyond me. very impressive.

wah so beautiful right? fake Eiffel Tower and all~

after a few rounds of the show and a billion photos (in other people's camera, i'm lazy like that), we went to Bellagio's casino. it's grander, with higher minimum stakes tables and lovely ceiling art near the entrance.

LV in LV, all glitzy :))

so this is me, a few hours later, all 狼狈 from clubbing at the Bank in Bellagio. honestly i'm getting old and ugly. used to love this!

the cool thing about clubs here is that girls get free entry and 2 vodka drinks *^-^* i think it's one of the few rare occasions when i'm pleased to be female.

even took off my heels~ wow i'm ageing like crazy!

typed this over 2 days in Chicago, where i'm just swamped by work and have no time to go explore the city :'(

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