Thursday, 19 July 2012


the night i tried to get hitched in Vegas, we watched jabbawockeez, a hip-hop/break-dance fusion performance, which left us marvelling at the performers' stamina.

afterwards we walked along the strip and took photos (which are all in P's dslr, back in China). then i forced everybody to go to MGM so i can get married in Vegas in a cheap chapel within a casino haha! apparently you can annul a Vegas marriage within 24 hours. and marriages in a country might not be recognized in another, so it wouldn't hurt to have some.. life experience.

where else can u find signs directing you to pool, spa, salon.. and wedding chapel?

after losing our way in the bloody maze of a casino for a couple of times, we finally found the chapel.. and it was closed!!! looks like God really doesn't want me to get married!

of course we still took group photos (none of which is in my iphone, obvi) and happily married one another.

os: P, please come back quickly so we can all have our photos!!

this is my beautiful wife Sally (haha betraying S like nothing else!). she looks very cutesy and her style is very 小清新 but her personality is more western than mine! cool chick. ((thumbs up

and then i must put this photo because it's just hilarious! soph took this with my iphone and i didn't notice. but here is proof that i'm a real Asian who acts cute hahaha! never saw myself as a girl who acts cute but.. nothing i can say in response to this picture, except that he must have some truly hideous photos of me on that camera for me to resort to using this 绝招!

i didn't think it was effective, abc 好像不吃这套。but i don't think he'll publicize anything too ugly so :))

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