Saturday, 11 August 2012

city boys and girls 都市男女

ok because i have been studying for so long with only a half-year break in between, i have this fantasy about being an OL and going out with a city boy. (hmm actually i'm not quite certain where this came from.)

actually i also have this fantasy about a uni romance but honestly now i think i'm a bit past that phase.

while i was working back in kl, i had a friend who would bring me to his corporate +1 events.. actually he would bring me out in general. and it was quite syiok to have boring phone calls like--

'what time do you get off work?'

'i would pick you up, but traffic's a killer in your area.'

*skips negotiation bits where we try to figure out a way to limit my exposure to the horror which is the malaysian public transport system*

because it makes me feel like i have finally put the days of shameless sponging off my parents behind me. and i feel quite worldly and older than 22 when i'm being introduced to my friend's managers and their spouses.


and finally i get to recreate this dream in beautiful Sydney!

except that this friend here also has meetings to go to! which is even more fitting for my fantasy hahaha ((looks at sky and laughs

plus he wears something like a suit, which no malaysian can, because then they would die from the heat.

anyway it was quite lovely to go to (surprisingly busy) Opera House area, with the stunning nighttime view of the Bridge.. dressed in working clothes hahaha.


on a more normal tone (my friends don't get my preoccupation with really growing up), here's a share of what we watched.

Tao would love it as it's from the composers of the sound of music and the king and i.

i love dites-moi, it's very sound of music.

this is the one at the end, from the Lincoln Centre.


if you have money go watch it.

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