Tuesday, 14 August 2012

i need romance

initially i only started watching i need romance because i wanted something which i can do to cheer me up while fighting death in bed last weekend. (not that it's very cheerful. it's actually quite depressing. though every time the second male lead appears, i can actually feel my body healing.)

but gosh! it's like bloody Pringles, once you pop you can't stop. (so instead of doing my schoolwork, i'm.. )

the entire thing reminds me of my girlfriends (one group i had known in high school back home, and my sisters here.) S says, every time girls get together they must talk relationships. for me, it's like a preview of 'what my life might look like when i settle down a bit'. 

one thing which particularly interests me is how the girls all understand the uncontrollable rage one experiences when fighting with one's boyfriend.

'you just wanna vent your anger, and he just refuses to respond, and that makes you even madder!' D explained when i asked her to describe the feeling which i had never experienced before.

everybody else had similar experiences.. so of course i felt left out (in a good way, i guess.)

i paused to type crap because i'm starting to internally scream 'dump your cheating boyfriend and go out with your luscious, loaded boss already (photo above)!!!' ((wipes blood from nose.

because the stupid lead actress can't even say 'i love you' to such a perfect guy (only happens in Korean dramas, i know.). 

then i remembered another epic conversation with (who else?) my epic sister S which reminded me that i suck at certain expressions of emotions as well--

S:- so do you like him?

M:- what? er.. (i forgot what i said but i changed the subject)

S:- don't change the subject, answer me.

M:- do i have to say it out?

S:- dude, i'm not asking you to say it to him.. you can't even tell your best friend how you feel?

M:- er.. i can't! it's too embarrassing!

S:- (i could feel her rolling her eyes through the phone) ookaaay. please select from the following 3 options--

A. you like him. a lot.
B. you like him a bit.
C. you don't like him.

M:- it's not there! argh

S:- just pick one already! can't believe i'm doing this! just say ABC!


yeah i can't talk about feelings at all in real life. (maybe that contributes to the lack of screaming at boyfriends?) but thank goodness for friends (recurring theme in i need romance) who bribe, cajole and devise MCQs to help me express myself, if not i might be a walking case of emotional baggage now xD

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