Friday, 24 August 2012

my chinese valentine

i still remember last year's 七夕, forcing my 'sisters' in KL to listen to se7en's song 七夕

one year has flown by! when i was in Melbourne, a year away from home was too long, but this time i was very lucky to have found a new 'family' here! honestly i don't know what i'm gonna do when S returns to China next March.

sometimes when i think about it, everything can only be explained by 'fate'. i mean, i lived 21 years of my life without S, or N, or whoever.. and when i 'hit on' them during orientation i had no idea they would be my partners in epic conversations; or that we would go to so many places and do so much sh*t together.. and within 6 months we might have to be at different corners of the globe.

btw our newest epic convo

there is chinese saying 
which is really beautiful and comforting, because even if i never see the girls for the rest of this life, i'm sure i will meet them in my next.


because i was working all day yesterday, followed by after-work class 6-9pm, we only had time to celebrate afterwards with a quick supper.

xl 生煎包!(chicken wa-tan-ho at 大块活 is super yum! kept stealing P's ;p) 

and by 'we' it's not me + boyfriend, but

people i were glued to for 3 weeks of my life!

so good to hang out again! have almost forgotten how funny P is xD

and then of course Sophy and i are both nursing sore throats but still wanted to eat pan-fried buns (when only the day before i told J i couldn't eat them as i still haven't recovered fully from that nasty, nasty bout of flu. oops)

after supper (Sophy's treat *smug*) i went to her awesome loft at UniLodge and nearly passed out from envy! it's what i always imagined a solo city dweller would live in! if i had the money i would fork out the exorbitant rent to stay there but i'm struggling to stay afloat as it is. 

it wasn't the smartest idea to tell dad to stop funding my living expenses. if anybody is comprehending this strategy as a way to gain your father's love, DON'T DO IT!!! he'll get used to it and love you less when sh*t happens and you need financial assistance, especially when your brother has just flown to USA and your mum wants to buy a new mansion.

my attempt to bribe my father has fallen a bit flat.

now i have to take time off work (no income!) and dad isn't impressed. nice.

back to work for an hour before i get ready to go try ZenQ

have already tried 贡茶 and it's really good! the foam is just to-die-for!

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