Sunday, 2 September 2012

a spring sunday


second yumcha of the weekend at The Eight with K's all-Malaysian group of friends!

haven't been with so many Malaysians since i came to Sydney!

my Malaysian accent came out to say hi xD

i never knew we could order pigs' blood at yumcha until D suggested it tentatively.

i'm supposed to be on a mostly-vegetarian diet to clear my skin but i asked him to order it anyway.

(the rest of the table was a bit shocked but after sampling it, K described it as sweet jelly).

i prefer it a bit saltier but it's still not bad.


Creative Communications in Marketing group discussion for our presentation next week.

sometimes quite 鬼挡墙,and Soph expressed surprise that i tend to work with the same people across units. 

i do it because
1. i have been burned by crazy motherf*ckers
2. my group mates are also my support network-- people i turn to at 2am when i need a bed, people who bring medication to my doorstep when i'm half-dead from flu, people who cook the only homemade food i eat here


music class. i probably can't afford it but i quite like them. i think they keep me sane.


walked home from uni and friends pointed the blossoms on the tree to me :))

today is the second day of spring, and the weather is very slowly warming.

and last night i saw a full moon *^-^*

i ran up to the rooftop when i heard the fireworks and after it was over, i looked at the view of the city i love.. and saw the full moon. so many beautiful things in one night!

would have been more perfect if i were with S, who was suffering from cashew-poisoning (from OD-ing on cashews *rolls eyes*)

haven't seen her for 8 days now, i miss her!

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