Saturday, 1 September 2012

first day of spring!

green tea with rock salt cheese, happy lemon

recent addictions are salty-sweet beverages.

ever since i tried Gong Cha's green tea with foam, there's no turning back.

i try to slurp as much foam as possible before it melts into the clear green tea xD

after talking about it for a sem, we finally made the trip to rhodes for yumcha ;pp

there was quite a line but time flies when you're camwhoring so it wasn't too bad.

actually i'm having dim sum with another group of friends tomorrow, which will make it the first time i have yumcha for 2 consecutive days! but my friend will be introducing malaysians to me heh heh so must go lor.

and have been forced to give up my takeaway food lifestyle for no other reason than because i have to survive on <$100 for the next fortnight.

**for those idiots thinking of telling your parents that you can make it on your own while studying abroad, DON'T DO IT!! unless you wanna end up like me, hair turning white and suffering from constant panic attacks**

so my dinner staple has been mushrooms + 2 ikea meatballs cooked in water and seasoned with korean seasoning paste (gochujang for tonight). if i run out of fresh produce and am broke, i still have frozen vegetables :))

damn what am i smoking?! so f*cking positive!

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