Saturday, 8 September 2012

happy talk

every time i think about going home i feel gutted.

because all my life i have wanted to have a way out but this time next year i'll be back to square one, but poorer.

and then having to live under the condescending eyes of neighbours, because didn't mr xxx's daughter do her masters in sydney, too, but she got to stay. unlike this loser!!!

honestly this hurts only very marginally less than when the love of my life (well, my life some time ago, anyway) broke my heart into a billion pieces. (unlike that time, however, i'm not crying myself skinny, so this time it's all pain and no benefit!)

let's have some happy talk la, i don't like being unhappy (unless when it leads to weight loss).

look! movie version of South Pacific!

this lieutenant is more handsome than the one i saw! so young!

and the girl Frances Nguyen was actually slated to play Suzie in The World of Suzie Wong, but got replaced by Nancy Kwan just as filming began. (Suzie is one of my fave books, though the author admitted that no such romance will ever work out in real life).

last night we went to watch The Dark Knight Rises at Event. the last time i was there was a year ago? Breaking Dawn part 1 with G. every time i think about this big buff guy insisting we go to the premiere of Twilight i laugh. 

it's quite violent, but then i don't stomach any aggression well. i feel like i'm the one getting physically punched or stabbed. (the upside is that i'm always deliriously happy when things pan out well in movies because i feel like it's happening to me and not the character!) but quite good despite the unnecessary fighting.

i don't know why Christian Bale looks a billion times more handsome here than he did in The Flowers of War! is it the money? his sense of duty? black hair?

Anne Hathaway also sizzling hot, but of course 重点是每个文青女最爱的-

Joseph Gordon Levitt!!

第一次看到他是在 500 Days of Summer,过后看 Never Been Kissed 时,一眼就认出他了!



所以花大钱去电影院看电影,外加有一幕被吓到尖叫出来,还有朋友觉得很好笑,一直吓我。。都是值得的!(别怀疑,这不是影评,这是姐姐的 happy talk 呀!)





Serenely said...
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Serenely said...

Disappointment is always difficult. But you never know where the path of life leads. You might meet a really nice surprise along the way of a different turn. No matter what happens, just keep walking.