Tuesday, 4 September 2012

honey toast

finally met up with my beloved S after more than a week of not seeing her.

i wanted to try the Honey Toast at ZenQ so we went there for lunch.

there was a half hour wait for our Chocolate Banana Honey Toast but time flew by because we haven't spoken for so long. (er this is sounding like a confession)

it tasted ok.. not to-die-for but pleasant.

can i say that S has became cooler recently?

her new thing is volunteering. she recently started volunteering every Saturday, which makes me feel rather selfish, but i just raised a white flag today and turned to dad for financial assistance ((covers face. honestly life has been a bitter struggle since i returned from the US, and it's taking its toll on my hair (white strands) and skin (i haven't had such awful breakouts since i was 14).

but today i sent out an SOS, which has been approved (unlike my tentative inquiry about going home for summer). dad must be thinking, what the hell?! because i said 'no' when he asked if i needed money on Monday and a couple of days later i'm like, please send the money tomorrow!

i want this semester to be over, but at the same time i want time to freeze. because i just got to know that the real reason my colleague got her PR so fast was not because she studied a Bachelor in Business Admin in Au for 2 years (as she told me when we first got to know each other) but because she's getting hitched to her engineer boyfriend (engineers are still in demand here).

so i'll be home this time next year, and i'm not sure if i'll ever have the opportunity to live abroad again.

a part of me is really so imba at the thought of people getting PRs just by being in relationships with certain people! but then life isn't fair, so no use sulking. plus i'm not sure if i'll be comfortable with the idea of relying on someone else for something so major and not on my own abilities.


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