Friday, 7 September 2012

why are we afraid of love?

so the plan for today is the opening of hello, stranger at the Korean Cultural Office.

art galleries are my thing but honestly i don't always get the depth.
i just like looking at pretty things.
i dragged my friend to the WA Gallery and i think he understood the art more than i did.

this is the first exhibition opening i have ever attended, and i highly recommend it!--

1. you get to see artworks before everybody else.
2. you get fed yummy Korean tidbits prepared fresh in the KCO kitchen.
3. the artists talk about their work, which really brings the pieces to live.
4. you feel really cultured and these are things which i probably won't get to do in KL.

i only stayed to listen to 2 artists present their work (because Sally was getting hit on by a DOWM* and we were a bit uncomfortable).

but i was really moved by Kim Seung Young's [photo] presentation.
the photo of the field covered with colourful paper planes was taken in Harlem, NY.
he was there for his residency and didn't even take a step into Harlem for the first 6 months because he heard it was a dangerous place.
however, he was curious enough to pay a visit to the neighbourhood before his residency ended.. and was pleasantly surprised by the peacefulness there.

so he wrote why are we afraid of love? on pieces of paper, went to a playground in Harlem, and began folding paper planes.
a few kids playing nearby joined him, and soon the plane-folding crowd expanded.

'where is this place?' a passerby asked. (a tourist, perhaps?)
and somebody from the group called back, 'this is the airport of peace!'


as i get older i hold more prejudices towards everything in general, but stories like this one inspires me to relax for maybe a few days (old habits die hard, and having biases is convenient for simplifying my life).

so let us all believe in love and peace on this gorgeous spring day!

*DOWM is a spin-off from DOM. Dirty Old White Man

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