Saturday, 20 October 2012

power nap before bedtime

i think it's real exhaustion when i have to take a nap when i reach home, just to work up the energy to remove my makeup and shower.

the upside is, after these few weeks, i can finally take a break.. go to adelaide, see some pandas haha.

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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

mid autumn 2012

apparently this is a malaysian brand but i have never seen it before.

my mid autumn a.m. was spent forcing Jim into having a chat with me about werewolves ('what?!' he'd asked.

'werewolves! like Jacob from Twilight!' i'd replied blithely, totally missing the cue that the conversation should have ended there and then.)

bloody hell, i couldn't be more deeply unsexy if i'd tried!

apparently the mid autumn tradition for Taiwan is a BBQ, so here we are at the park opposite my first home, enjoying the deliciousness lovingly prepared by Ivan and D (and cooked by R mostly).

i was still a bit drained from my night out (age is catching up!) so i assigned myself the job of photographer xDD

happy mid autumn! *^-^*

Monday, 1 October 2012

singapore logic

so the story went like this.

i was lying in bed, thinking about my assignment, when my phone rang.

it was B, my singaporean friend who had just arrived in Poland for exchange.

he wanted to FaceTime, i said no, because i had just woken up and my face is bare.

he said please, and because i'm a softie and was still in that blurry, vulnerable state between sleep and wake i said ok.

out comes my trusty face mask-- a birthday gift from N.

so i FaceTimed with B's various friends, who were shocked by my mask, and asked questions like, 'are you a doctor?'

this dude was epic because he asked earnestly, 'do you have no teeth?!'

i said i did.

'then why are you wearing a mask?!'

i explained the lack of makeup.

'so you're wearing a mask because you're not wearing makeup?!' he'd asked incredulously. 'is that singapore logic?'

'yeah! all singaporean girls do this!'

haha out comes the rivalry with our closest neighbour. when i'm crazy i'm singaporean xDD