Tuesday, 20 November 2012


the good news is that my semester is officially over.

the bad news is i have no idea what i wrote for 3 hours in the exam room. i haven't stayed for the entire duration of an exam since i was 18! and that was because we weren't allowed to leave early!

but now my summer is here.. until i start summer school, anyway.

i'm still looking over all the RARE projects. i wanna do one instead of a conventional coursework unit as i definitely learn more doing real-life projects, but at the same time i suffer from nervous breakdowns prior to the field trip.

after sorting summer school out i can chill on my annual summer trip (Adelaide and Uluru this year!) before returning to work and study. i'm starting to worry about my stress levels. every time i rake my fingers through my hair, clumps fall out. it's freaky. everywhere in the apartment i see my hair on the floor. hair loss was never an issue for me, but now ..


you wouldn't believe we are girls!

baked a berry pavlova for Ivan and Dai Dai's farewell party last Saturday, and the girls devoured it super fast haha. i myself only had a bite, so i can't tell you what it tasted like.

here's an extremely hurried snap before the girls attacked the pavlova.

so the secret to cooking popular food is.. to cook very little hahaha!

but seeing people eat food i cook happily feels great!

good night~

Sunday, 18 November 2012

life is made up of many big events

sometimes we say we are not free, we cancel dates. because we have assignments to finish, finals to prepare for, job applications to complete, family weddings to help out with, holidays to go on, research field trips to take.

and we say, oh, it's just for now. after this unit / semester / project / application / wedding is over, we'll have more time for each other.

but is that the case? after you finish a report, something else will come up. life is made up of many big events. but we prioritise. we make time for the people and things that matter most to us. even now, as i am preparing for my law finals, i find time to spend with S. we found time to book our annual honeymoon (to Uluru this time!)

thoughts on my mind for the past few days.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

on scolding


recently have been talking a bit too much to the girls, and honestly have been quite moved.

with friendship i have always adopted the approach of all-the-way support, even if what she's doing is wrong and/or stupid.

because i realise that a lot of times people don't like advice. even when they ask for it.

i can be a bit of a people-pleaser, and frankly i don't give a shit even if what they are doing is wrong as long as the people close to me don't get hurt.

but the girls are different. if one of us does something unethical, the others will give her a good scolding. or when one of us makes a dubious relationship choice, the girls will make gentle but pointed comments-- they are the queens of diplomacy, so they can manage that.

as we grow older the people whom we do not share blood with but still willing to scold us becomes less and less. it's good to know we have each others' backs.



s, dai dai, kawei->

Saturday, 10 November 2012


finally, after 1.5 years of procrastinating, i finally hauled my ass over to a migration lawyer.

it has to be the fastest appointment in history. in and out in 5 minutes.

the verdict is i have to go home after i finish next July.

don't know how i'm gonna tell my parents.

after putting it off for so long, i have to stop pretending i'm still a student and enter the real world.

but actually it's a relief. at least i know where i will be in the future.

last night i went to S' apartment and looked at photos of her best friend in Guangzhou.

it was a bit strange to realize that she had another life and another best friend before we met.

and i talked about my car in KL.

isn't it funny how fast human beings adapt to change?

now we can't imagine life without each other, but soon we'll find it harder to remember what it felt like to be glued to each other 24/7.

Monday, 5 November 2012

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