Sunday, 11 November 2012

on scolding


recently have been talking a bit too much to the girls, and honestly have been quite moved.

with friendship i have always adopted the approach of all-the-way support, even if what she's doing is wrong and/or stupid.

because i realise that a lot of times people don't like advice. even when they ask for it.

i can be a bit of a people-pleaser, and frankly i don't give a shit even if what they are doing is wrong as long as the people close to me don't get hurt.

but the girls are different. if one of us does something unethical, the others will give her a good scolding. or when one of us makes a dubious relationship choice, the girls will make gentle but pointed comments-- they are the queens of diplomacy, so they can manage that.

as we grow older the people whom we do not share blood with but still willing to scold us becomes less and less. it's good to know we have each others' backs.



s, dai dai, kawei->

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