Sunday, 16 December 2012

alice springs

here's the train tracks at Alice Springs.

S and i had booked an extra day at Haven Backpackers Resort after our Uluru tour to check out the city, which i advise against as by then, we had already seen too much sun and ended up hiding in our 4-bed room with the air conditioner whirring away.

we did venture out for groceries in the evening, when the heat had subsided enough. and then we have all the makings of a holiday holiday.

1. pizza

(i forgot my purse during our first grocery run, so we trekked back to the hostel and ordered Domino's.)

2. chick flick

paired with Hong Kong movie Ex and it was starting to feel more like a heartbreak trip haha!

the morale of the story is.. do not ever, ever leave your boyfriend at home with his ex.

and do not seduce your boyfriend when he's about to dump you. because he'll sleep with you and dump you the next day anyway.

quite syiok to sit there cursing all mankind and making philosophical comments about white bras in movies. (in real life, no girl can keep a white bra white. it always ends up grey.)

3. pancakes

on weekends, Haven provides pancake batter (when they remember, anyway. it's quite a crappy hostel.) compared to most other guests, my pancakes turned out quite well! 

4. snacks

the next morning, after breakfast, we returned to our room with snacks. kiwi fruits and cherry tomatoes are good for the skin, as is orange juice (though i'm not convinced by our store-bought OJ). 

worked our way through these while reading Cosmopolitan / Madison / watching Korean dramas / bloody artistic Taiwanese movie My So-called Love / terrible Hong Kong-Korean movie 

5. having prawns in the desert

surprisingly delicious-- a simple lunch of frozen vegetables and frozen prawns stir fried in butter and seasoned which whatever we could scrummage from the community kitchen. our staples during vacations are frozen vegetables and tinned soup.

plus there's something very indulgent about having seafood in the middle of the 42 degree celsius desert!

6. best friend


what she says is becoming increasingly epic.

as we were crawling through the Valley of the Winds, she'd wheezed, 'MIN! What should i do if you tripped and fell?'

'WHAT?!' i'd panted.

'if you slipped and fell.. should i save you or let you die?'


'if i tried to save you, i might slip, too, and die myself; but if i don't, i might end up in a mental institution from the guilt.'


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