Sunday, 30 December 2012

lucky neon dresses

on boxing day we woke at 4am to shower so we could meet up at 4.45am and stumble to David Jones and Myer when they open at 5am. (that is the way to shop, because by 10am the shops will be so crowded with expressionless shoppers that it will be impossible to even have a good look at the items on sale. then you can go home and nap, smug in the knowledge that throngs of people are driving each other crazy in the city, trying to look at stuff you already went through this morning.)

i snapped up this neon washed coral dress and wore it as soon as a sunny day presented itself in sydney! S and i haven't had an adventure in ages. every time i pass by the ad asking 'when was the last time you did something for the first time?' i feel a bit dissatisfied.

but on the day we wore our new neon dresses, we 'discovered' Argyle Stairs! it's actually at The Rocks but we just never walked as far. and it's just a flight of stairs, but it leads to a lovely little lookout point high above the precinct.

and afterwards we wandered into one of those tiny boutiques and found The Tea Cosy-- one of the tea rooms we had been meaning to go to-- within! it's just pure delight, when you accidentally come across something that you have been wanting.

and to be able to share this experience with somebody :)) it just makes me feel a bit giddy, reminds me of the days when i first arrived in sydney, first met S, and we would go out to play because we were both jobless.

this is the first time i've spent a year away from home. so much has changed in 2012, yet nothing has changed..

to 2013!

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