Thursday, 27 December 2012

silly season

merry christmas!

i wonder how everybody celebrated the holiday?

i wouldn't know because i didn't call home.

on christmas eve, Nini organised gingerbread house decorating party at my home. (now that Dai Dai and Ivan have returned to Taiwan, my home is the next best place for get-togethers, although i'm a much more casual-- read: lazy and ungracious-- hostess compared to the power couple. my guests bring their own chopsticks haha.)

we started off with a mani/pedi session. the girls saw my new collection of OPI nail lacquers, asked for cotton pads and nail polish remover, and made themselves right at home. orz. i guess we have passed the polite phase-- they just sprawl all over and i don't even bother cleaning up before they come xDD

and then..

we learned just how incompetent we were. look what a bunch of postgraduate students did--

we couldn't seem to make the icing stick properly, and our decorative candies kept committing suicide.

nobody read the instructions and the house literally fell apart a couple of times.

we were too busy 'training' Ray. that's our newest hobby-- bringing boyfriends into our group and placing the spotlight on him haha.

after the very demotivating artistic endeavour, we had a scrumptious dinner cooked by our new power couple, the King and Queen of our tight little circle-- Martica and Ray.

they cooked Korean spicy soup and baked this hunk of salmon we got from the Fish Market last night, when it opened for 24hours prior to Christmas. (no seagulls attacking us/our food! yaay!)

merry christmas and happy 2013!

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