Sunday, 2 December 2012

things we have to do alone

as many friends as one has, there are things we should go through alone. 

yes things are painful right now but grit your teeth.

listen to music.

watch funny movies.

watch more intense flicks with the best friend.

go on holiday.

get a haircut.

do one thing at a time.

party with friends.

when i was a girl scout taking my hiking test, the answer to 'are we there yet?' was always 'keep going and we'll get there. stop and we won't'

so just take care of every day details.

going to work.



packing lunch boxes.


and the day will come when these little things don't take as much effort, and you don't stop to stare into the middle distance every few minutes.

by the time your hair grows back, you'll be ready for another holiday of a different kind :)

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