Friday, 25 January 2013

classic s

i was wallowing in self-pity the other day, telling S how horrible it is when you still have to hang out with your ex and hug him hello when you meet him.

when all you want to do is kill him. like how can you still be alive and kicking after what you did to me?!

s' response? 

did you pinch him?

WHAAA.. ?! 

well, he hurt you, you should exact revenge!


hmm, it really is an art, when you think about it. pinch too hard and you seem bitter; pinch too lightly and he'll think you're seducing him!

((vomits blood.

i will stop listening to girls who dress top-to-toe in the same colour.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

the one chancer

so i finally told my kl girlfriends about the break up.

and C trawled all my blog posts for the past 6 months looking for anything break up related.. then commented that she found nothing!

haha it's been 2 months now, and when i'm working i don't have the energy to get worked up.

but S quite liked my take on the excuse which is 'busy', as well as the One Chancer theory by Zoe Foster of Cosmo.

it's basically common sense. Zoe was asking a guy buddy why he treated his current girlfriend so fine when he had tortured all his previous lady friends.

the answer was, because she is a one-chancer.

he knew he only had one shot with her. if he messed it up, it's over. some girls give second or third chances, but not one-chancers.

and of course the dude has to be sufficiently crazy about the dudette to not blow his one chance. 

that was exactly what i was thinking when E blew me off after a fortnight of not seeing each other to help his cousin plan his wedding-- i understand that a wedding is a (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime event, but then going out with me should be the same.

(if you can't even meet for 1 second in a fortnight, something is definitely wrong somewhere)

so if your guy ever uses the rare-opportunity excuse one too many times, remind yourself that you too should be a precious, once-in-a-lifetime event in his life.


Sunday, 6 January 2013

ponyfish, melbourne

on a whim i decided to fly to Melbourne on New Year's Day.

Nini joined me, and we crashed at Song's. 

because we have both been to Melbourne before, this trip was purely to gobble up all the delicious food available there.

on the last day Song and i had our last meal at Ponyfish, which is tucked under the bridge, by the Yarra River.

it was a local-local place, mostly patronised by white people. (Song brought us to a lot of these places!)

it was jam-packed on a Saturday afternoon-- we had to place our plate of waffles on another seat.

i love crisp waffles so this, to me, is not the best waffles in the world, but it was still very relaxing to chill by the river.

the burgers smelled awesome, should try it if i go to Melbourne again!