Sunday, 6 January 2013

ponyfish, melbourne

on a whim i decided to fly to Melbourne on New Year's Day.

Nini joined me, and we crashed at Song's. 

because we have both been to Melbourne before, this trip was purely to gobble up all the delicious food available there.

on the last day Song and i had our last meal at Ponyfish, which is tucked under the bridge, by the Yarra River.

it was a local-local place, mostly patronised by white people. (Song brought us to a lot of these places!)

it was jam-packed on a Saturday afternoon-- we had to place our plate of waffles on another seat.

i love crisp waffles so this, to me, is not the best waffles in the world, but it was still very relaxing to chill by the river.

the burgers smelled awesome, should try it if i go to Melbourne again!

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