Saturday, 23 February 2013

how malaysians are perceived

in the company where i work there is a system where a bell is rung every time a sale is made. 

after the bell is rung, the person who closed the sale/ the admin person will announce the buyer of the ticket, and other staff members will applaud.

at one time many sales were made to Malaysians for our first international conference. 

every other announcement was for a sale to Malaysia. until one day a new rule emerged, just for our dear country-- sales to Malaysia cannot be announced until payment is made. apparently we are just not following up on actually coughing up money.

there has been no similar issue with any other Asian countries which we are dealing with. (no prizes for guessing who our target market is- public vs private?)

the shame-- i think i might be the only Malaysian in the organisation, and most people take me for a Chinese. won't be in a hurry to correct them.

and just yesterday i overheard a phone call where colleague A was following up on some documents, and the guy couldn't deliver. Colleague B, who overheard the conversation as well, immediately asked, 'Is he Malaysian?'

so now being Malaysian is synonymous with inefficiency. 

and i'll be returning to the land where nothing ever gets done in 5 months.


(watched Les Miserables on Tuesday, totally exceeded my expectations!)