Wednesday, 6 March 2013

empresses in chinese garden

one of the highlights of Tao's trip is.. jiang jiang jiang jiang-- Empresses in the Palace!

as a modern, educated young lady, one would not expect me to watch something as tacky-sounding as a lengthy chinese drama about concubines in the Forbidden City, but everybody who had watched it got hooked right away, and i couldn't resist.

which was why, every night before bed, Tao and i will be glued in front of my laptop, micro-analysing every word uttered by the complicated women. (she fell under Zhen Huan's spell just by standing behind me one night as i was watching it.)

the film made me feel super grateful that i live in 2013 instead of the Qing dynasty. at least we have more say about our lives! (and we don't have to share a man with 2,999 other women!)

but it also showed how necessary it is to get one's claws out in a competitive environment. in Empresses, every unhappy ending that Disney has beautified is played out cruelly. i'm in perpetual awe over how Zhen Huan navigates through the palace intelligently. everyone loses in the end, but such is life. there is no perfection.

i highly recommend it!

i loved it so much that when i saw that we could hire imperial costumes at the Chinese Garden..

of course one needs a partner-in-crime to do strange stuff such as walking around in costumes on a Monday.

a lot of tourists probably took us for workers and took photos with/of us. some asked if there was a performance or filming.

'nope!' we answered.

'then why are you all dressed up?!' i.e.. this is not normal behaviour?

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