Saturday, 2 March 2013

free and easy 1

of course i planned for my sister's visit weeks in advance, but we ended up adopting a relaxed approach to sightseeing during her stay here, mainly because.. she hates walking. (despite all the good food, she managed to lose weight during her stay! can you believe the nerve! 'it's from all that walking,' she then explained matter-of-factly. 'why are you not skinny from walking so much?')

our first stop was Clipper cafe in Glebe to have Aussie-style brunch.

then i brought her to 'experience an Aussie shopping centre' aka buy an air mattress and pump with me at KMart in Broadway shopping centre. 

once home, we showered, then i inflated the mattress with the wonderful electric pump (plumps up the mattress in seconds!) .. and we napped.

i think if my mum could read this she would have a heart attack. like, one shouldn't waste time sleeping when one has paid good money to go abroad. but we were both exhausted and needed energy for our reunion dinner with my friends at night.

at the dinner i met Celeste, and she had a story which just goes to show how small the world is.

she went to Paris last semester, and while trapped in a hostel in Venice due to flooding, she met a Singaporean guy, and they made small talk.

upon learning that she was from the University of Sydney, he told her that he knew somebody there. 'oh, but i know very few people from uni!' Celeste had said. so imagine the surprise when Ben mentioned me to her ;p (i had met Ben on a trip to Melbourne a couple of years back.)

the world is small, so don't do bad things, because karma comes back to bite in the end.

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