Friday, 15 March 2013


i have noticed something about myself which i'm still trying to observe in other people - the need for physical presence of other people in my life.

i have been becoming increasingly aware of it. sometimes when S and i hang out, we're not actively engaging with each other - we do our own stuff, or study together (different subjects), but the mere physical proximity to her makes me feel more at ease. (it helps with sleep, too. i went through a week of tossing and turning, then having madly vivid dreams until she had a sleepover.)

Nini is going home tomorrow, and despite us hanging out less after she started dating Johnny, i still feel a twinge of sadness. who knows if we will meet again.

my big adopted family has dwindled down to S (thank God i still have her with me), Kat and Kawei.. what will we be like when we meet again?

nini's last farewell event at The Pie Tin.

photo is of a pumpkin pie which tastes like a cinnamon pie.

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