Sunday, 21 April 2013

derby day!

so here i am doing what i did on David Jones Australian Derby Day - aka horse-racing + men in suits + bet-placing + stylish women + fascinators!


so many stylo people up close! we both signed up to compete because there was a free copy of this month's Vogue and a Clinique Almost Lipstick in Chic Honey for everybody who did! whee!

i have no idea what this is..

because i know i am a sore loser, i didn't place any bets at the hall which looks like a stock exchange - laptops and real-time information galore.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

patrick kong

last night i went to kawei's for a sleepover and we ended up watching 2 movies after dinner.

which was just bad.

so we watched another -

marriage with a fool

this is directed by Patrick Kong, a HK director S introduced to me.

his signature style is naming all his female leads 阿宝 - yes, i have seen quite a few movies depicting love lives of various 阿宝,usually with a depressing dose of cheating involved. (and half his movies star Stephy and Alex Fong, often as a couple - which is probably how they ended up dating in real life!)

this one is classic Patrick Kong - the happy beginning, the cheating, the finding out, the separation, the begging, the happy ending.. and his trademark, the post-happy ending. the last 5 minutes of his film often feels like the 5 minutes in Ang Lee's Life of Pi where Pi told the human version of his shipwreck - it just completely changes our understanding of the reality in the movie.

so while kawei was crying as Alex was pleading with Stephy not to leave him, i was laughing at the script. the grovelling went something along the lines of, 'imma good (person), please don't leave me!' 我很好的!你不要不要我!

it was cute, in a hilarious sort of way.

after the post-happy ending, there was a stunned silence from the sniffler beside me. then kawei announced she had a headache.

haha i know exactly how she felt. i felt the same way after my first full-length Patrick Kong movie Love is not all around. go watch Love is not all around if you have time (this is the second time i'm promoting this, so i mean it!)

Friday, 5 April 2013

can you change a man?

just had an uncomfortable convo with S, which left me wondering if i am a bad person.

one thing i love about S is how she usually says it like it is.

if she thinks you're acting unethically, she tells you. if she knows she acted immorally, she admits it and begs for forgiveness.

i am the exact opposite. my experience has taught me that people don't change, so i never had any of those icky i-feel-A-when-you-do-B conversations with anybody

personally i find friendships even more fragile than relationships. so when i dislike aspects of a friend's behaviour, i tend to keep mum about it and adjust my expectations. but S asked, if you can't count on your friends to tell you the truth, who can you count on?

i don't know, you tell me. 

i'm a big believer in fate and intrinsic motivation. if a person opts to cancel a date with you and go out with somebody else instead, what can you say that will make him/her change? the decision has already been made.. i would rather spend my time with people who put me first. this is my logic and relationship philosophy - i am as good to you as you are to me.

but S thinks that communication of feelings enhance relationships. if a person hurt your feelings, it might be rectified if he/she knew how you felt. really?

i don't know.. if i disagree, does that make me a terrible friend?

a snorkelling man

.. not entirely sure why i decided to wrap this up with a few photos taken at Coogee Beach.. might be because it's almost midnight and my housemate has been in the toilet for an hour and i need to shower and sleep because i have to work tomorrow