Sunday, 9 June 2013

best surprise idea

so i fell off the face of the effing earth for a bit, typing assignments like mad.

but S' birthday fell during that mad period, so of course we had to celebrate, and Katherine came up with the BEST SURPRISE IDEA EVER!!!

(i told her, 'Kat, if you can come up with stuff as brilliant for our assignments, we would be HD students!')

Kat insisted upon a surprise element in the celebration, so it fell upon me to lure the target to my lair. Now I suck at hiding stuff, so Kat decided that she would tell S to plan a surprise de-stress party for me!

wasn't it fabulous? the idea was that Kat and S would buy food then come to my home to surprise me, but then KaWei and I will jump out and yell 'SURPRISE!'

everything went according to plan, except for the part where we flung open the door and S started screaming because the hallway lights are off and all she could see was my face (lit from below by the candles) whereas the rest of me was in darkness.

looks bright here due to camera flash

i baked the cake, which tasted ugh because i am still trying to find a substitute for sugar.

but the girls liked it because i had bought a set of glitter icing for them to play with.

here is the birthday girl decorating her own cake.

we even had the privilege of a mini performance by my Korean housemate, who plays for our university orchestra.

every time i hear her play i wanna rip the strings from my violin!

back to reflecting on a semester of Social Entrepreneurship!

Monday, 3 June 2013

the strategy of vomit

recently my cousin Eunice came to visit me in Sydney (last shot at free accommodation and free tour guide, people! i return home in July!)

i thought it would be a good idea to book us in for a whale watching cruise.

so one Saturday, after affogato at the flagship Campos Coffee, followed by a quick trip to check out Paddington Market, we made our way to Darling Harbour to set out on our little whale spotting adventure!

the next 5 hours passed in a hellish daze. the nanosecond we exited the harbour, the waves got all monstrous and choppy. Eunice and i sat next to each other, clutching sickness bags and wishing for death.

thankfully i was still lucid enough to think of ways to curb the vomiting. i think that one of the reasons people can't stop throwing up once they start is because they smell the vomit. and it smells so bad that it triggers another round of barfing, leading to a vicious, ugly cycle.

so the key is to keep your nose outside the sickness bag.

so instead of the normal -

you must. MUST! do this instead

not smelling it is super conducive to you stopping it

good night

ps. yes we did see whales but i felt so awful i was beyond caring. i hate whales!

pps. try not to go out to see on 初一十五 because the moon will be waxing and the waves shitty