Monday, 3 June 2013

the strategy of vomit

recently my cousin Eunice came to visit me in Sydney (last shot at free accommodation and free tour guide, people! i return home in July!)

i thought it would be a good idea to book us in for a whale watching cruise.

so one Saturday, after affogato at the flagship Campos Coffee, followed by a quick trip to check out Paddington Market, we made our way to Darling Harbour to set out on our little whale spotting adventure!

the next 5 hours passed in a hellish daze. the nanosecond we exited the harbour, the waves got all monstrous and choppy. Eunice and i sat next to each other, clutching sickness bags and wishing for death.

thankfully i was still lucid enough to think of ways to curb the vomiting. i think that one of the reasons people can't stop throwing up once they start is because they smell the vomit. and it smells so bad that it triggers another round of barfing, leading to a vicious, ugly cycle.

so the key is to keep your nose outside the sickness bag.

so instead of the normal -

you must. MUST! do this instead

not smelling it is super conducive to you stopping it

good night

ps. yes we did see whales but i felt so awful i was beyond caring. i hate whales!

pps. try not to go out to see on 初一十五 because the moon will be waxing and the waves shitty

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