Tuesday, 23 July 2013

palm beach

so now i am lying in bed, enjoying the floating around that one does between 2 major phases in life. will be going home in a few days with S. the girls decided to have a weekend away before our cozy little group is split up forever.

our point was to have a weekend in a classy place where we can pretend we are rich and just lie around chatting. we are all transitioning from students to the workforce, in a foreign country, and the people who think that people who work in Australia have no stress has no freaking clue!

for a weekend of mindless relaxation and unwinding, we selected Pittwater Escape. here are the photos from the website - and yes it does look as amazing in real life.

just look at that!

S and i shared the above room.

Katherine had the 'kids room' to herself.

bathroom #1. the worst aspect of the apartment is that hot water is limited. there was supposed to be enough for 4 adults every night but one night i had to take a freezing cold shower (remember it's winter here!) because we ran out of hot water after just 1 shower.

at the very steep price we paid, this is just unacceptable. (probably more bearable in summer.)

towels and toiletries are provided.

the fabulous living room, where we spent the majority of our trip - lazing on the sofas, watching TV, listening to music, taking photos, talking and in my case, trying to finish Murakami's The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles - which is the strangest book ever.

we wanted to utilise the outdoor BBQ and dining area but it was too cold! plus we had come without a car and thus had no means of getting groceries.

we didn't use the indoor dining area at all, using the table and chairs mostly to hang out jackets and other things.

in bathroom #2, there is a washing machine and dryer.

apparently Palm Beach is a wealthy area, and also where Aussie soap Home and Away is filmed. there is a spectacular view of the bay with perfect white yachts dotted on it from the living room. and the bedrooms. the ocean-facing side offers a maximum view of the sea.

when we arrived it was night so the blinds were drawn.

hallway leading to the bedrooms. every corner is thoughtfully decorated.

tasteful decor. but a bit too much white for me to fully relax. somewhere at the back of my mind i am always aware of the need to maintain the impeccable light coloured furniture in the apartment.

all the floor-to-ceiling sliding doors can be opened, which will be awesome in summer! i wanna have a summer getaway here with a group of people!

on the first day S went before us 3 working girls, and managed to lose her way while attempting to locate the apartment =.="

we found her finally in a fancy French restaurant, poking at a rather delicious-looking chocolate raspberry dessert in a corner.

the colour is a bit off due to the darkness. we had dinner at the very romantic restaurant ((hits chest 'where is the love of my life?!' with Dipra, then went back to the apartment and almost collapsed into the beds.

a big fish which puts a smile on my dial.

the next morning, after hours of prep, we finally managed to get everybody out the door and on the way to Greedy Goat. i swear, trying to get 4 girls out the door is like trying to get a toddler ready - it takes at least one hour longer than planned.

my porridge with dried fruit and vanilla bean compote ($13)

S' coconut and date bread with cinnamon butter ($9.8)

sweet corn & zucchini fritters, with bacon & tomato, avocado & sweet chilli salsa ($18.50)

apple & rhubarb breakfast crumble with yogurt & granola ($14)

food was good but the coffee!!! the worst i have had in Australia! i took one sip, flinched, and gave thanks that i had the foresight to bring some Old Town with me.

after breakfast we went to the beach. not much fun in winter, except for the fact that we had each other.

a sweet spot to space out..

taking photos and being noisy. we played the Quiet Game, where we all shut up for 1 minute, and realised how serene the beach was before we came haha.

afterwards we went to a neighbourhood bottle shop to stock up on supplies. our plan for the afternoon was to have a 'high tea' in our luxury apartment while watching Hong Kong movies which require no brain cells to process.

loved the store because they stocked a good selection of truffle oil - my current food obsession - and play good Shazam-inducing music -

because everything felt so expensive to our little student purses, we settled for a bottle of award winning New Zealand iced wine ($40), a bottle of dessert wine, biscotti and UK chips.

here i am, digging through my luggage for my trusty Old Town. coffee is usually good in city area, especially if you go for known brands like Campos, Mecca, Allpress (in NSW, Seven Seeds in VIC).. and if the cafes use Bonsoy (if you're a soy drinker). but always keep some Old Town nearby for emergencies - learned this the hard way when i went to USA and discovered bad coffee for the first time.

with S.

walau eh really gotta admit my friends are all lookers!

this is Kawei. one of her fave activities is karaoke. here she is singing along to the lyrics she can't fully comprehend - they are in Chinese.

we watched Shopaholics starring the breathtakingly beautiful Cecilia -

i have actually seen it before. typical ridiculous HK fare which requires no thinking whatsoever.

after that we watched Tiramisu, which is really bad. everybody gave up on the movie but me.

night fell. we walked to the closest fish and chip shop to buy dinner.

seafood salad

grilled salmon with chips. very excellent chips!

food was good but pricey - $80 for the lot. the rice was surprisingly delicious - very fragrant. the iced wine was good but the dessert wine wasn't to my liking. my personal motto is to never skimp on wine!

then, of course, somebody had to break her champagne flute, so i found a plastic one for her in the cupboard.

and on the last day before checking out at 10am.. we really are sad. this is what we do for entertainment.

we caught the L90 back to the city - takes about an hour and half - and had lunch at Petaling Street. it's kinda funny how we kept 'extending' the trip as we went along, not wanting our weekend to end.

the girls are a bit torn at having to separate soon. how wonderful it is to be young and happy together! love