Friday, 30 August 2013


today i fought with the mother again.

maybe my threshold for her crap has been lowered by 2 years away from her.

or maybe her ability to push all my buttons has evolved.

but when she called me while i was out with my friend and started screaming at me for washing the cotton floor mats in the washing machine, something in me snapped and i hung up on her.

i was happy to listen quietly to the first round of 'you useless bitch! call yourself a masters degree holder?! when you can't even wash floor mats properly! do you know you can mess up my washing machine because of your laziness?! eat shit! all you do is play and spend money! what else do you do at home?! do you know how much you spent on your studies?!' but when she started repeating herself 'cannot believe you are a masters holder! no man will want to marry you, you horrible woman! eat shit!' i just hung up, turned off my mobile, and went to watch City of Bones with my friend. (i recommend it for the eye candy! Gothic Pixie Dream Boy!)

and then she had the nerve to call my sister and scream at her during her work hours! the fuck that is so unprofessional!

of course it ended with some of my stuff gathered in a box and thrown downstairs. when i returned home at night i discarded the Coach and Kipling bags she bought me from the box, then brought the rest back up to my room.

i passed on contract work in digital marketing because the parents wanted me back in Australia sooner. i did other shorter term contract work to compensate. i clean the house. i fold everybody's clothes. i break up with guys she doesn't like. i make everybody meet me at the mall near home so she doesn't have to chauffeur me around (parking is expensive, according to her). WHAT MORE DOES SHE FUCKING WANT FROM ME?!

she complains about my looks, my lifestyle, my friends, the way i socialise - i don't have enough rich buddies. nothing makes her happy. I JUST WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE!!!

seriously i hate this teenage version of me with so much angst. please let me live peacefully for 26 more days please. and please don't visit me in Sydney i'm scared i will hate the city i love forever.

Friday, 23 August 2013

HK Must See!

everybody else was right.

traveling for work is very different from traveling for pleasure.

only had a few hours' spare time to play to HK last night.

this is the first time in HK that i

1. don't feel constantly stuffed; and
2. feel like i haven't had enough time to shop.

Agnes and i went shopping near Central because H&M is having a closing down sale and everything was 30% off!!

prior to that she brought me to a huge a** Abercrombie and Fitch flagship, which took up an entire building.

i'm not an AF girl, but decided to pop in to have a quick look.

at the entrance there were 2 buff guys in denim smiling and saying ' Welcome!'

and once you enter, there was this super buff topless guy for you to take souvenir photos with!

there's a skinny girl with him, holding a Polaroid camera, and she will help you take a snapshot and Topless Buff will slip it into an AF envelope for you to take home.

'keep it!' Agnes said.

'don't you want it?' i'd asked out of politeness, even as i was lovingly placing the photo in my bag.

"nope, i come here all the time. this is what we do during lunch. there are different guys every day.. you should have been here for the opening, there were more than 10 shirtless guys in boxers standing at the door welcoming you in, saying, 'come in to have a look!' "


clothes-wise, i quite liked their denim collection, and was planning to go nuts when i saw the price tags.

my previous experience with AF was only through The Reject Shop in Malaysia, so i thought they were el cheapo basics, but non-reject AF is actually super stylish and expensive!! price level is HKD1k+ for a sleeveless summer dress!!

apparently certain AF designs are geography-specific, so the styles available in HK may not be sold in USA. still, i controlled my burning desire and went to H&M closing sale instead.

if anybody is in HK, the AF flagship is definitely a must-see!  

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

pinang peranakan mansion

one of my fave topics in kl (or in life) is the location of my future wedding photo shoot - Pinang Peranakan Mansion.

i love Straits Chinese culture - feels so much more glamorous than my normal Malaysian Chinese background. after this visit i have also developed an affinity for Penang. people are really warm and friendly - not sure whether this is attributable to their new administration (the last time i visited Penang i was 18) or because i was traveling with a pretty companion. compared to the previous times i was in Penang, random people on the street spoke to us more, and are super accommodating whenever we ask for directions.

on the last day of our Penang trip dad drove us to the Mansion. all photos stolen from S.

entrance to the Mansion. pardon my clothes. i can't wear half the summer clothes i brought home because mum deemed them too 'revealing'. 

entry costs rm10 for all adults, irrespective of whether you're a student or a local.

i think for groups a guide is provided; but for only 2 people like us, we were asked to tag along to another group of mainland Chinese tourists. there are mainland Chinese everywhere we went. come on, mainlanders! RMB is rising! come to my country and boost our economy!

it's the real, restored home of a wealthy (really filthy rich!) Baba whose descendants have all migrated abroad and sold the property to an antiques dealer. there is a connecting ancestral shrine which is still owned by the family, but maintained by the dealer.

to the right of the entrance there is a Western style dining room - 

and off the dining room is a mahjong room where the ladies play -

my mum plays these cards, as well as mahjong, during chinese new year, but i have no idea how to play either.

and S has a thing for old people. every time she sees them she must take photos with them, of them, whatever. hence the awesome photos of my ahma -

back to the Mahjong Room - 

i swear, there is no ugliness in this house! zilch. nada. non. even the door (knobs?) handles are intricate.

these mirrors serve as a kind of old school cctv. apparently the masters of the house can use them to check who is calling, and then decide if they want to receive the guests, and where to meet them.

what is most fabulous about the Mansion is that it is very well designed, allowing for maximum ventilation and keeping us cool in the Malaysian heat.

another elaborate European style dining room

me pretending to be the CEO of Lim Kongsi..

太,太美了!!!i'm gonna faint..

even the outdoor spaces are pretty.

here we bumped into a guide showing a tour guide around, and we joined them for a bit. this is how we discovered the ancestral shrine.

i myself have never seen anything quite like this fully 3d carvings before, and i have watched 2 palace dramas. (however, when we visited Batu Caves a week later, we noted similarities between this and the sculptures near the entrance to Batu Caves.)

the entrance to the shrine.

the shrine itself.

on one side of the hall there are pictures and brief bios of the ancestors. in short, a young teenage Chinese lad came to Penang, amassed a fortune and married a local Malay girl. still, he pined away for his first love back in China, and finally, in his 30s, went back to China and brought her back as his concubine. 

personally i'm not sure how the mansion could have housed so many, but maybe it was bigger back then.

small wonder i have so many freckles orz

the lighting is great for portraits! eg. my future wedding portraits. 

here's the grandma posing for pictures again ;p

this portrait is the last generation of the house. the man is a real Baba and his wife a real Nyonya. they have both migrated. (we initially took them for models, they are quite good-looking!)

here the bubbly guide made me laugh out loud -

guide : they are very rich! very, very rich!

us : yes.

guide : if you don't believe me you can look at the Nyonya's hands! she has jewels on each and every finger!

us : ooh. wow.

then the guide physically lifted the chair/bench so we can see for ourselves that indeed, the Nyonya was wearing a ring on every finger.

haha this guy takes his job very seriously! sooo cute.

there is a Peranakan Jewellery Museum within the Mansion. in the old days, rich Babas would have their own workshops and commission goldsmiths to create jewellery for the ladies of the house -

goldsmith's workshop

real gold purses

Nyonya sandals

i'm not sure what a dining table is doing in the middle of the museum, but i do like their bluntness - 

this somehow reminds me of The Conjuring. ugh

Nyonya headpiece. 

out of the museum.. and while we were camwhoring, saw the newlyweds taking their wedding photos - 

made our way upstairs..

an old-fashioned camera.

the upstairs living room. shoes not allowed upstairs.

wash stand in one of the bedrooms.

the teeny tiny Chinese style bed.

dressing room with tiny vintage bottles of perfume etc.

not sure why the lighting's so strange.

bedroom #2

me in 10 years

isn't this for peeing? i think we had a red one at ahma's as a child.. for when we needed to pee in the middle of the night.

a Western style bedroom

they even have a tv!

S kept wanting to do a '大小姐 returns from studies abroad' photo, but my version was too punk.

i think she was aiming for this.

finally S got her wish and we wrapped up with a photo shoot with the Nyonya granny.

granny totally in her element, fixing my hair and teaching me how to pose.

i kept giggling as i took this, because i was thinking, is this what the high class nyonyas used to do? 赏花?i thought that was only in palace dramas.

granny takes her job as art director very seriously too.

off to pretend to be genteel Stepford wives

parts of the Little Nyonya were filmed at the Mansion.

did i inspire you to have your wedding photos taken at the Mansion?!!!

now i have to go out and find husband, tata!