Friday, 23 August 2013

HK Must See!

everybody else was right.

traveling for work is very different from traveling for pleasure.

only had a few hours' spare time to play to HK last night.

this is the first time in HK that i

1. don't feel constantly stuffed; and
2. feel like i haven't had enough time to shop.

Agnes and i went shopping near Central because H&M is having a closing down sale and everything was 30% off!!

prior to that she brought me to a huge a** Abercrombie and Fitch flagship, which took up an entire building.

i'm not an AF girl, but decided to pop in to have a quick look.

at the entrance there were 2 buff guys in denim smiling and saying ' Welcome!'

and once you enter, there was this super buff topless guy for you to take souvenir photos with!

there's a skinny girl with him, holding a Polaroid camera, and she will help you take a snapshot and Topless Buff will slip it into an AF envelope for you to take home.

'keep it!' Agnes said.

'don't you want it?' i'd asked out of politeness, even as i was lovingly placing the photo in my bag.

"nope, i come here all the time. this is what we do during lunch. there are different guys every day.. you should have been here for the opening, there were more than 10 shirtless guys in boxers standing at the door welcoming you in, saying, 'come in to have a look!' "


clothes-wise, i quite liked their denim collection, and was planning to go nuts when i saw the price tags.

my previous experience with AF was only through The Reject Shop in Malaysia, so i thought they were el cheapo basics, but non-reject AF is actually super stylish and expensive!! price level is HKD1k+ for a sleeveless summer dress!!

apparently certain AF designs are geography-specific, so the styles available in HK may not be sold in USA. still, i controlled my burning desire and went to H&M closing sale instead.

if anybody is in HK, the AF flagship is definitely a must-see!  

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