Sunday, 27 October 2013

chrome fest

on Saturday, dan and i decided to go for a day trip to take our minds off job hunting.

we decided to go to Lake Macquarie, with a stopover in The Entrance. there was a festival going on when we got to The Entrance - Chrome Fest, basically 'a tribute to classic American autos, hot rods and rock & roll'!

it was a perfect day for going out - sunny and cool. i'm not a car person but i thoroughly enjoyed all the cars which reminded me of Gatsby and Grease.

the water is amazingly clear! i kept ooh-ing and ash-ing about it and my friend was like, 'but all the seawater is this clear in Australia!'

i mulled it over and decided what he said was true. perhaps i've been holed up in my room staring at my laptop for too long.

most of the vintage cars had the windows rolled down so we could have a good look at the interior.

look! cars for hire! i'm so gonna get married in this! (although who drives a vintage car to town hall to get married anyway?)

i love looking at logos through the ages, and the different brands.

in the afternoon we continued on to Lake Macquarie, passing by areas which have been affected by bush fires.

((pardon the reflection of my jacket

my housemate's family crashed with us to escape the threat of fire - not under official evacuation orders, but just because.

i may sound horrible, but i do not have a shred of sympathy for them. no matter what happens, i violently dislike people who are rude and dirty - who uses up other people's food without asking, do not bother replacing them, and never washes up. let's not even talk about them putting plants in my food bowl. am filled with disgust - both at them and at myself for being so lacking in intellect and abilities that i cannot afford a better place and have to share with such cheap people.

Lake Macquarie is basically a big lake. not as big as Lake Michigan, though. ((is anything as huge as Lake Michigan?

we got a free map and a suggested route for a day trip at Swansea, then had a scenic drive through the quaint and charming suburbs surrounding the lake.

back in Sydney we had dinner at Fratelli Paradiso, a popular and slightly artisan Italian restaurant with a wine list 10 times longer than the menu. should have taken photos but didn't because it was dim from 'mood lighting'. the risotto was to-die-for, and my scampi spaghetti was good too. yummy in a delicate-balance-of-flavours kinda way.

and as if that wasn't enough indulgence for one day, we made a final stop at Gelato Messina aka Best Gelato in Sydney for dessert.

gula melaka! 
Gula melaka (palm sugar) gelato | Rosewater praline fudge |
Hazelnut feuilletine | Raspberry gele

golden bluff
Coconut gelato | Coconut praline | Coconut sable | Gold leaf

i loved, loved, loved, loved, LOVED my Gula Melaka! it has 2 things I love - gula melaka, rosewater (speaking of rosewater i now having a craving from the watermelon rosewater cake from Black Star Pastry - dies). Want to run out and catch train to buy it again but
1. am broke
2. am stinky and sweaty from run
3. will exceed recommended sugar/fat intake.

instead, will shower and try out my new Nivea In-shower Body Lotion.

Monday, 21 October 2013

luna park

i think that out of all the fantasy date locations from movies, the only one that lives up to expectations is the theme park.

but of course 最美的风景是人,and i think the most memorable moments are walking to a venue together with a loved one.

because Daxi and i arrived too early at Luna Park - we wanted to see the night view, we decided to kill time by taking the Harbour Bridge walk back to The Rocks. one side of the bridge is for pedestrians, and the other for cyclists, with roads for cars in the middle, and railway tracks near the cyclists' side.

there is a lookout as well, but we didn't manage to enter as it was closed.

it was terribly windy and i was slightly under-dressed. in Sydney (actually, in every country except Malaysia), checking the weather and wind speed is crucial before one goes out every morning. Apple let me down by not warning me about the blustery wind.

from the bridge you can get a good view of the Opera House, through 'bars'.

i always joked that i wanted to jump off the bridge if life sucks too much, but apparently i can't even do that. pedestrians are safely fenced in and there are security personnel patrolling the walkway.

finally we were back to Luna Park. (the better way for the trip would have been

1. bus to Circular Quay
2. walk from The Rocks to the bridge
3. cross the bridge and arrive at Luna Park
4. catch train home from Milsons Point railway station


1. ferry - which can be quite scenic)

there were 2 weddings and a birthday that day. lucky people!

Luna Park is not large, but it has a retro American feel - with an area called Coney Island - and the classic rides such as merry-go-round, Ferris wheel, pirate ship and roller coaster.

we rode the Ferris wheel for $10 per person, and it was SCARY! the winds down under are freakishly strong, and our stall swung quite recklessly as the wheel was changing passengers. it felt better when the wheel started spinning.

not sure if you can tell from the photo, but the moon was incredibly round and bright as we waited for our train at Milsons Point. 外国的月亮比较圆 literally applies to Australia!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Ben's, KLCC

i went to Ben's for dinner with the KL girls before i came back to Sydney. while waiting for Carmen to arrive i saw these cards on the table.

each table has a box of such cards - it's a mix of leave-me-here conversation starter cards and take-me-home recipe cards. so cute. especially indispensable for a semi-mute like me.

i liked the food at Ben's - i had Caesar Salad - though they are severely under-staffed and it takes forever for them to do anything - take your order, serve your food, whatever! hence the cards ;p

Sunday, 13 October 2013


on Friday i attended Kitty's graduation as a guest. it was my graduation, too, but i didn't feel like forking out $120 for the gown when my parents aren't even coming.

my uni does look like a dream, though, and the ceremony was tasteful (but loooooooooong). there are old, colourfully painted pianos scattered around campus.. maybe part of a new art movement - of which there are many in Sydney.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

my room

FINALLY! after 2 weeks of moving, arranging, shopping and setting up, my room is no longer a work in progress. actually it is, because i intend to wipe down my fan weekly after a nasty cleaning session last week.

because the shitty rail in my wardrobe has sagged beyond words, i bought and assembled a Mulig clothes rack from Ikea. the product is crap and i couldn't screw the top on perfectly, but too lazy to catch the bus to Tempe to exchange it.  

now i label all my boxes so i won't experience anguish every time I want to locate 'spare towels' or 'air mattress pump'.

i sleep on a double bed now (omg luxury) but am still used to snoozing on a single, so one side of the bed is where i dump my sleep jacket, Boomer, sleep socks and bedtime read. but family and friends, if you're in Sydney and need free accommodation, find me!!!

my desk. man i wish i have a job. it's always a semi mess because i do my makeup here, and sometimes eat here too.

the grand entrance. my room is essentially a converted living room, which explains my special doorway. however i keep one door permanently locked as my clothes rack is blocking the way anyway.

so. this is it. this is where i sleep, eat, job hunt and fantasise about Hugh Jackman. it's not bad. i like it. now i just have to land a job so i can actually afford it.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

new home!

TADA! view from my new home -

of course not la, where can i find the money to live here?

though i did get to live in the north after flying back to Sydney, thanks to my energetic friend -

here is she during our Monday date where we baked salted caramel macaroons from an Adriano Zumbo kit.

here are the macaroons, looking all cute and pretty.

but actually there was too much air inside the mixture, causing this air bubble to occur.

KW and her boyfriend have been instrumental in maintaining my spirits - taking me out to hang out with her friends (Palm Beach, above), nagging at me to exercise, giving endless pep talks, generally ensuring i don't get depressed. THANK YOU!

this is us last Friday, celebrating my PR with sushi in Chatswood.

KW had called me right after i told her the good news, and was 200% more excited than i was.


M : yeah, but i still need to find a job.

KW: can you be happy, for like, 1 second?!

my lack of enthusiasm at life is starting to concern my friends. oops. this is something i have to work on, really. my mum hates my autopilot facial expression (aka stink-face) and i don't think my friends are very comfortable with it either.

here's something to smile about (kind of) -

moved into my new place last Friday as well. it's quite spacious - and expensive - so i really need to land a job, and soon.

KW : are you excited to be moving into your new place?

M : not really, it's a bit expensive.


i'm quite vocal about how annoying it is to have to hear my housemate having sex in the early AM. then in the late AM. then at night. then in the morning before they go to class. omg is this the stamina of youths?!

the bed creaked so loudly right above me it actually woke me! me - who sleeps through fire alarms!

the one thing i hate about my current place. plus the oven is so dirty, it's unbelievable.

however, people are nice and chatty.. and finding good accommodation in Sydney is a bitch.

just finished shopping for the room today, will share some photos after i change the bed sheets.