Sunday, 27 October 2013

chrome fest

on Saturday, dan and i decided to go for a day trip to take our minds off job hunting.

we decided to go to Lake Macquarie, with a stopover in The Entrance. there was a festival going on when we got to The Entrance - Chrome Fest, basically 'a tribute to classic American autos, hot rods and rock & roll'!

it was a perfect day for going out - sunny and cool. i'm not a car person but i thoroughly enjoyed all the cars which reminded me of Gatsby and Grease.

the water is amazingly clear! i kept ooh-ing and ash-ing about it and my friend was like, 'but all the seawater is this clear in Australia!'

i mulled it over and decided what he said was true. perhaps i've been holed up in my room staring at my laptop for too long.

most of the vintage cars had the windows rolled down so we could have a good look at the interior.

look! cars for hire! i'm so gonna get married in this! (although who drives a vintage car to town hall to get married anyway?)

i love looking at logos through the ages, and the different brands.

in the afternoon we continued on to Lake Macquarie, passing by areas which have been affected by bush fires.

((pardon the reflection of my jacket

my housemate's family crashed with us to escape the threat of fire - not under official evacuation orders, but just because.

i may sound horrible, but i do not have a shred of sympathy for them. no matter what happens, i violently dislike people who are rude and dirty - who uses up other people's food without asking, do not bother replacing them, and never washes up. let's not even talk about them putting plants in my food bowl. am filled with disgust - both at them and at myself for being so lacking in intellect and abilities that i cannot afford a better place and have to share with such cheap people.

Lake Macquarie is basically a big lake. not as big as Lake Michigan, though. ((is anything as huge as Lake Michigan?

we got a free map and a suggested route for a day trip at Swansea, then had a scenic drive through the quaint and charming suburbs surrounding the lake.

back in Sydney we had dinner at Fratelli Paradiso, a popular and slightly artisan Italian restaurant with a wine list 10 times longer than the menu. should have taken photos but didn't because it was dim from 'mood lighting'. the risotto was to-die-for, and my scampi spaghetti was good too. yummy in a delicate-balance-of-flavours kinda way.

and as if that wasn't enough indulgence for one day, we made a final stop at Gelato Messina aka Best Gelato in Sydney for dessert.

gula melaka! 
Gula melaka (palm sugar) gelato | Rosewater praline fudge |
Hazelnut feuilletine | Raspberry gele

golden bluff
Coconut gelato | Coconut praline | Coconut sable | Gold leaf

i loved, loved, loved, loved, LOVED my Gula Melaka! it has 2 things I love - gula melaka, rosewater (speaking of rosewater i now having a craving from the watermelon rosewater cake from Black Star Pastry - dies). Want to run out and catch train to buy it again but
1. am broke
2. am stinky and sweaty from run
3. will exceed recommended sugar/fat intake.

instead, will shower and try out my new Nivea In-shower Body Lotion.

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