Monday, 21 October 2013

luna park

i think that out of all the fantasy date locations from movies, the only one that lives up to expectations is the theme park.

but of course 最美的风景是人,and i think the most memorable moments are walking to a venue together with a loved one.

because Daxi and i arrived too early at Luna Park - we wanted to see the night view, we decided to kill time by taking the Harbour Bridge walk back to The Rocks. one side of the bridge is for pedestrians, and the other for cyclists, with roads for cars in the middle, and railway tracks near the cyclists' side.

there is a lookout as well, but we didn't manage to enter as it was closed.

it was terribly windy and i was slightly under-dressed. in Sydney (actually, in every country except Malaysia), checking the weather and wind speed is crucial before one goes out every morning. Apple let me down by not warning me about the blustery wind.

from the bridge you can get a good view of the Opera House, through 'bars'.

i always joked that i wanted to jump off the bridge if life sucks too much, but apparently i can't even do that. pedestrians are safely fenced in and there are security personnel patrolling the walkway.

finally we were back to Luna Park. (the better way for the trip would have been

1. bus to Circular Quay
2. walk from The Rocks to the bridge
3. cross the bridge and arrive at Luna Park
4. catch train home from Milsons Point railway station


1. ferry - which can be quite scenic)

there were 2 weddings and a birthday that day. lucky people!

Luna Park is not large, but it has a retro American feel - with an area called Coney Island - and the classic rides such as merry-go-round, Ferris wheel, pirate ship and roller coaster.

we rode the Ferris wheel for $10 per person, and it was SCARY! the winds down under are freakishly strong, and our stall swung quite recklessly as the wheel was changing passengers. it felt better when the wheel started spinning.

not sure if you can tell from the photo, but the moon was incredibly round and bright as we waited for our train at Milsons Point. 外国的月亮比较圆 literally applies to Australia!

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