Thursday, 10 October 2013

my room

FINALLY! after 2 weeks of moving, arranging, shopping and setting up, my room is no longer a work in progress. actually it is, because i intend to wipe down my fan weekly after a nasty cleaning session last week.

because the shitty rail in my wardrobe has sagged beyond words, i bought and assembled a Mulig clothes rack from Ikea. the product is crap and i couldn't screw the top on perfectly, but too lazy to catch the bus to Tempe to exchange it.  

now i label all my boxes so i won't experience anguish every time I want to locate 'spare towels' or 'air mattress pump'.

i sleep on a double bed now (omg luxury) but am still used to snoozing on a single, so one side of the bed is where i dump my sleep jacket, Boomer, sleep socks and bedtime read. but family and friends, if you're in Sydney and need free accommodation, find me!!!

my desk. man i wish i have a job. it's always a semi mess because i do my makeup here, and sometimes eat here too.

the grand entrance. my room is essentially a converted living room, which explains my special doorway. however i keep one door permanently locked as my clothes rack is blocking the way anyway.

so. this is it. this is where i sleep, eat, job hunt and fantasise about Hugh Jackman. it's not bad. i like it. now i just have to land a job so i can actually afford it.


suanie said...

ah. i used to live like this... 10 years ago =D

MiN said...

haha i'm sure you're pleased to be over that phase of your life!