Tuesday, 8 October 2013

new home!

TADA! view from my new home -

of course not la, where can i find the money to live here?

though i did get to live in the north after flying back to Sydney, thanks to my energetic friend -

here is she during our Monday date where we baked salted caramel macaroons from an Adriano Zumbo kit.

here are the macaroons, looking all cute and pretty.

but actually there was too much air inside the mixture, causing this air bubble to occur.

KW and her boyfriend have been instrumental in maintaining my spirits - taking me out to hang out with her friends (Palm Beach, above), nagging at me to exercise, giving endless pep talks, generally ensuring i don't get depressed. THANK YOU!

this is us last Friday, celebrating my PR with sushi in Chatswood.

KW had called me right after i told her the good news, and was 200% more excited than i was.


M : yeah, but i still need to find a job.

KW: can you be happy, for like, 1 second?!

my lack of enthusiasm at life is starting to concern my friends. oops. this is something i have to work on, really. my mum hates my autopilot facial expression (aka stink-face) and i don't think my friends are very comfortable with it either.

here's something to smile about (kind of) -

moved into my new place last Friday as well. it's quite spacious - and expensive - so i really need to land a job, and soon.

KW : are you excited to be moving into your new place?

M : not really, it's a bit expensive.


i'm quite vocal about how annoying it is to have to hear my housemate having sex in the early AM. then in the late AM. then at night. then in the morning before they go to class. omg is this the stamina of youths?!

the bed creaked so loudly right above me it actually woke me! me - who sleeps through fire alarms!

the one thing i hate about my current place. plus the oven is so dirty, it's unbelievable.

however, people are nice and chatty.. and finding good accommodation in Sydney is a bitch.

just finished shopping for the room today, will share some photos after i change the bed sheets.

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